Collaborative Fan Fiction


This is an all season, all episode board
Suggestions for participants

 Any season, episode or character may be introduced at any time. 'Canon' is irrelevant.
Individual entries by any person should not exceed 200 words (but no one is going to count them).
Writers should begin every entry with their first name and a colon (your name:)
Participants may add their contributions in any order.

General instructions for using the Round Robin board

NOTE: Personal settings are not retained when you leave the board
Signing in is optional - but doing so gives you more control over your entry and allows a timestamp.

Each entry is automatically given a  highlight colour. This can be changed by the user if they indicate their name when requested.
Names will appear in a chat column on the right, if that option is allowed in the options menu (see toolbar instructions below)

Upper left toobar: basic text formating options.
These include a time stamp - which looks like a pencil next to the formatting option drop down. This requires you to use use a name for your entry.

Upper right toolbar has the following options (l-r)
  • Bookmark
  • Import/Export
  • Clock (run a slider of posts in chronological order)
  • Pad appearance and  settings (must be set for each use. Includes seeing Chat participants in right column)
  • Share/embed pad on your blog or site
  • Show users.
This is a simple board, where any participant may add a contribution. 
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