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B&B fan needs HELP!
B &B fanfiction writer and artist Lynette Combs
is in dire straights.

Read more, and contribute if you can,
at a special GOFUNDME page set up Nina Combs


Young Vincent by Lynette Combs
from 'Queens Knight II -
The Rising of the Lark'

Published by S.K Dapoz - 1991
AND a beautiful poem by Lynette,
which expresses the love we all have for our series.

Posted with her permission


September 1, 2017 - Update from Nina

We apologize for the lack of updates these past weeks. Much has happened: Sadly, after my return from the Iceland assignment, my department at “Men’s Fitness” magazine was unexpectedly laid off (including me!), as the entire print edition was discontinued. Hope you’ll understand that this has demanded my attention.

End-stage repairs to my sister Lynette’s house are proceeding, little by little. The GFI & outlet work was finished this week by John Sharkey, expert electrician; and we sincerely thank him for his hard work in restoring safety in this area.

This will probably be our final update. Thanks to your generous donations, during August we reached our stated GoFundMe goal. ALL of that money has been devoted to ongoing repairs. Lynette is unwilling to raise the goal a second time; so end-stage repairs are continuing, more slowly, as she can afford them. If you would still like to donate, out of the goodness of your hearts, we will be very grateful. But we won’t be hammering you with any more pleas for funds. You’ve all been generous beyond belief — far beyond what Lynette felt she deserved.

Dutch Allen and his crew have performed MIRACLES in making this veteran’s home safe and livable again — and your donations made ALL of that possible, since she never qualified for any of the grants or government programs she applied for. We are so close to finishing. Needed repairs include: finish installing gutter downspouts; paint or tile kitchen wall behind stove; 2.5 feet of flooring needed inside back door; restore trim around inner doors (we kept all the pieces!); fix bedroom closet wall (damaged during exterior wall repairs); put awning back up over front door; weatherize (paint) the 2 exterior doors; restore grates under house to exclude Rocky Raccoon; anchor new spigot under back porch to prevent leaks.

Again, THANK YOU all so much for your ongoing generosity. Lynette has told me that you’ve restored her faith in people. And I think that the picture showing her house before & after the reconstruction, is a perfect illustration of this. So, as she’s said: Believe that miracles can happen — because they do.
July 26, 2017 - Update from Nina

First, sorry for the lack of Updates these past few weeks. As you know, Lynette’s contractor in Virginia, Dutch Allen, spent about 10 days in Florida visiting a sick relative; but then my magazine sent me on an expedition to ICELAND with Nat Geo/Lindblad for nearly two weeks! But I’m back now — and I was thrilled to see all the progress that’s been made on the house while I was gone!

Inside, the plastering is done — and Dutch installed the sink in the bathroom! (Lynette was VERY excited to no longer have to brush her teeth over the dishes in the kitchen sink! See photo below.) A cute little porch was built, allowing safe exit from the back door. Also, the shutters went up out front—Lynette says it looks like the house has its “eye makeup” on again. (See before & after pic.) Soon, the (repainted) awning will go back up over the front door as well.

Most exciting was that Joe Vlk started installing gutters and downspouts, which are now nearly finished—Joe’s really an artist at cutting and custom-fitting all this. (See picture!)

As you can see, this month we reached the STATED GoFundMe goal thanks to your generous donations. We’re hoping against hope that this’ll be enough for the end-stage repairs, which Dutch is working hard to finish. The work that still needs to be done (aka the “punch list”) includes:

Finish gutters & downspouts so no more leaks around roof-edges can occur
Kitchen wall behind stove, needs painted or tiled
2.5 feet of flooring needed inside back door (see picture)
Restore trim around inner doors
New back wall outlet needs GFI for safety
Fix hole in bedroom closet wall (damaged during exterior wall repairs)
Front top step needed for safety
Put awning back over front door

Weatherize the 2 exterior doors
Caulk shower
Restore grates under house to exclude Rocky Raccoon & his merry band
Anchor new spigot under back porch to prevent leaks

We are SO CLOSE to finishing the whole project!

Again, thank you all so much for your ongoing generosity. As Lynette says, “Never lose faith. Miracles do happen.” And I think that these pictures, showing the house before & after, are a perfect illustration of this.

Thursday June 15, 2017 (from Nina, Lynette's sister)

The GOOD NEWS is, repairs at my sister Lynette’s home are close to finished.

The BAD NEWS is, a major donation of materials & labor from a “veterans help” organization (affil. with Home Depot) is falling through, after months of suspense. Lynette applied in January, jumping through many bureaucratic hoops: submit letter, application, military history, detailed descriptions of damage, pictures... We were “in the pipe” & they were very encouraging. They knew work was going on, but we hadn’t heard from them since March. They finally called back last week, reviving hope that they could & would HELP. They requested photos of current progress, which Lynette instantly emailed.

We hoped this charitable organization would donate thousands of dollars’ worth of supplies (lumber, gutters, drywall, etc.), and labor as well.

Their rep called this morning, to say that Lynette is probably disqualified, because of their restrictions on HOW we’ve gotten SO MUCH work done since Christmas. Lynette is crushed. Was she supposed to wait for their decision, living without heat & hot water, while her walls rotted out and the bathroom fell into the crawlspace? ... But they have “certain restrictions” on the way work had to be done — restrictions they NEVER mentioned, while they knew repairs were going on.

So, we’re having to readjust the GoFundMe goal, to cover the donation & help they apparently won’t be offering after all. Our original goal was $30,000, which we’d happily reduced when Dutch the Builder found help for roofing & siding. We’re reluctantly returning to that figure. Lynette’s struggled against this for days and is VERY discouraged — but it’s necessary, to allow us to finish. We hope you understand. If we finish below that figure (as we hope to), then it’s DONE.

Right now there’s almost nothing left, to make the end-stage repairs. Dutch Allen paid the crew last week out of his own pocket! But this week the guys had to temporarily sidestep into jobs at other locations. And who can blame them? They’ve often worked here for next to nothing, and they have rent & bills to pay as well. But repairs have now ground to a halt, and we need your help.

You’ve seen that MIRACLES have already been accomplished, in fixing this damaged home. This close to the end, this work still needs to be finished:

Drywall & finish kitchen & back bedroom inside walls
Finish bathroom plumbing to install sink (already purchased!)
Finish the siding & ceiling on side porch
Put front awning & shutters back up (repaint old ones we saved!)
Need gutters & downspouts
Flooring inside sliding glass door, and —
Small deck outside it (door can’t even be used; need a safe exit!)
Some trim & caulking
Replace crawlspace grates

Thank you to all who have donated, to help make my sister’s home livable again. We hope you’ll continue to have faith, and donate even a few dollars if you can. And PLEASE keep Liking & Sharing our Updates and posts.

May 4, 2017
(From Lynette)

Just thought I'd post before & after shots of the progress that's been made so far on repairing my home. This is impressive, isn't it? It's starting to look like a whole new house!

Had to hit "Pause" on reconstruction this week, as both Dutch Allen and Joe had medical issues that needed to be addressed before they could come back and direct or do any heavy lifting! But they've been working very hard, and I think you can tell by looking at these two photos, taken only about month apart. The new roof went on (no more leaks!) — along with new cream siding on most of three sides. The front door & surrounding beams still need repair, but we already have those materials — so next week, the whole team will tackle what should be the beginning of the end.

Best wishes to Joe, with his swollen spider-bitten arm; and to Dutch, with the follow-up appointments for his injured back. I love you guys — you've been doing a STELLAR job, and I don't know where I would be without you.” follow-up appointments for his injured back. I love you guys — you've been doing a STELLAR job, and I don't know where I would be without you.
APRIL 14, 2017
(from Lynette)

 New siding continues to go up!
a b

Here's a shot of Dutch Allen, Joe, and Dutch's brother David.
 They've been working hard all morning to apply siding and make repairs.
New roof!

April 10, 2017
(from Lynette)

Tomorrow will be a big day here. Dutch the Builder just called to say that the crew will be here early tomorrow morning to start the end-stage repairs!

Roofing & siding materials will be delivered, thanks to ABC Building Supply; and another large dumpster set up, to be filled with the old leaky roof as it gets scraped off! By the end of the week we could have a new roof on, and the siding well begun. Not to mention the bathroom sink installed, and the back kitchen wall-repair finished.

The end is in sight now, and it could NEVER have been accomplished without the help and support of Dutch Allen, his crew and all of you!

nd all of you!
February 23, 2017

Lynette now has a working bathroom and is able to shower at home. She's a lot more upbeat.

They did as much as they had money for (about $10,000 at this date), so the bathroom is done, a lot of the outside damage was fixed.

They finished the back wall and roof of the room that had a lot of damage.

There is still a lot to do, but at least her house is weather tight again.

Donations are still needed at the gofundme link above.
doors bath
February 26, 2017
(from Lynette)

My friend Dutch Allen came today and brought his son Scooter, who is a master carpenter. They spent hours working on the bathroom, which is getting closer and closer to being finished!
They do such great work. Scooter put in beautiful moldings, and then created built-in storage shelves - which I've never had in this house, for towels & linens & such.
They've also re-trimmed the window. On Monday, they may put in the pedestal sink.
 Everything feels like such a blessing - I'll never take a bathroom for granted again.
Anyway, here's a series of pictures showing today's changes in the bathroom.
Thank you, Dutch! (He is still recovering from his back injury; in one picture, you can see he's wearing my late dad's back brace.)

And thank you, to all my friends who have donated to keep this project going.
bath2 cupboard

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