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some Some Enchanted Evening
legacy Legacy
september September Service
After the Rain Ends
once Once Upon a Time - Long, Long Ago
spring Spring Silliness
foreshadow Foreshadow
helpers  Friends and Helpers
genesis Genesis
raccoon  Once and Future Raccoon
one  One Love, One Lifetime
hands  Hands
poto  Dancing with Angels    First Waltz
(A Phantom of the Opera crossover duo)
alchemist  The Alchemist - A Missing Scene
worst  The Worst of Times, The Beast of Times
friends  Friends in Low Places
(an Equalizer crossover)
strips Strips
spirit The Spirit of Christmas Presents
moon Once in a Full Moon
requiem Requiem
snow First Snow
impediments Impediments
bonk  Bonk the Beast
diary Dear Diary
real Becoming Real
blake Blake and the Beast
knight A Knight to Remember (ADULT)
xmas  All I Want For Christmas is You  (ADULT)

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