M. Louis

Note: These three stories appeared in the infamous 'Black Cover' zine, published in 1990, and available only by mail order.

The reaction was likely what the author expected - and the reason for the use of a pseudonym and anonymous contact information.

This editor is satisfied that M. Louis wanted these stories made public and disagrees with the general vilification of them - including by some readers who admit to not finishing them! Would the reaction have been the same had the author written under their own name, or been someone of note, like Stephen King or Ann Rice (both of whom have written similarly disturbing stories)? We'll never know.
This editor believes the author  has since passed away.

These stories did have minor errors, as some critics have charged, likely because no editor in this fandom could have been entrusted with them - but may h ave been deliberate to distract from any identification with a current author. However, these have been retyped and the errors corrected.

What  IS
important is that these are incredibly unusual, sometimes disturbing, sexually explicit - but ultimately triumphant - stories. They were well-written by an author at the top of their form.

Some writers still alive knew M Louis, but have kept the secret they were entrusted - that of this author's true identify.  

Who was M. Louis? They knew this fandom well, probably wrote mainstream fanfic, and were very familiar with the series. They obviously anticipated the likely reaction - yet went ahead anyway. These stories were something they needed to write and publish. It took incredible courage to venture into this dark region. Perhaps now, decades later, these stories will be accepted more readily. Perhaps we are more forgiving, more tolerant. We can hope so.

These are the only three stories written by 'M. Louis'.
They deserve an audience which truly accepts that there IS no limit to love - for they WERE written with love. They could have been written no other way. 

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