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Episode Expansions
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3


Part 1:  They Shall Rise Again Part 2: Meeting the Lion Man Part 3: Don't Give Up Part 4: Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends
story Let Me Tell You a Story
return The Return
time Time Let Me Play
letter With Love Forever
dark Welcome to the Dark Side
another Another World, Another Time
surprise Surprise Me on Christmas Eve
come Come Below Tonight
key The Key to Any Door
talle Life is Not a Fairy Tale ... However
rose Only One Rose
crysrose The Crystal and the Rose
love What is Love?
well Wish Upon a Well
words Words
friend For a Friend
shapes In All Shapes and Sizes
second Second Star to the Right
mirrors They Do it With Mirrors
never Never Too Late
no turn No Turning Back
one thing The One Thing That Never Changes
lastnight Last Night
dragons The Dragons We Keep Fighting
end The End of Our Aloneness
barnes Thirty-Five
shades Shades of Men
no need No Need to Fight
prayer Vincent's Prayer
colours The Colours of the World
let him Let Him Go
safe Safe Haven
watch I Watch You Sleep
courage With Courage and Care
one One Year
magic Magic Windows
gift The Christmas Gift
moon When the Moon Meets the Sun
outof Out of the Darkness
(Vincent's Letter to Catherine)

heart Let Your Heart Speak to Mine

(Catherine's Letter to Vincent)

poto The Music of the Heart
here Here and Beyond
(Catherine's letter to Vincent)

potions As Time Goes by

(magical potions)
moving Moving On
father Father
why Why Daddy?
one One Day Soon
moonlight Moonlight
heal Heal
follow Follow the Light
waterfall Waterfalls
light The Light
fading Fading Like a Flower
journal Journal
rabbits Of Rabbits, Fathers, Horses and Love
miss you I Miss You
(Catherine's letter to Vincent)
monalisa Mona Lisa
friends Through a Friend's Eyes

Episode Expansions
Note: The following stories are episode expansions.They are listed in European airing order

Season Three
back Back To Life

(#1 - Though Lovers Be Lost)
Season Two

2-1 The Magic in the Rain

(#1 - Chamber Music)
2-2 Revelations

(#2 - Remember Love)
2-3 To Move Towards Love

(#3 - Ashes Ashes)
2-4 Winter Dreams

(#4 - Dead of Winter)
2-5 There Are No Words

(#5 - God Bless the Child)
2-6 When Hands and Hearts Speak

(#6 - Sticks and Stones)
2-7 No Knight in Shining Armour

(#7 - A Fair and Perfect Knight)
2-9 Human Being

(#9 - Brothers)
2-11 Remember Love     Two Souls

(#11 -The Outsiders)
choices Choices

(#10 - A Gentle Rain)
need I Need You

(#12 Orphans)
hands These Hands

(#13 - Arabesque)
greatest The Greatest Knight

(#14 - When the Bluebird Sings)
two Two Years Ago ... Tonight

(#15 - The Watcher)

wished I Wished That it was You

(#18 - Kingdom by the Sea)
when When Will it Stop?

(#19 - The Hollow Men)
whatever Whatever Happens, Whatever Comes

(#22 - The Rest is Silence)
Season One
1 This is Where You Go Out
(#1 - Pilot)
becoming Becoming  the Ocean
(#2 - Terrible Saviour)
3 Thy Sweet Love Brings
(#3 - Siege)
4 No Shadow of Parting
(#4 - No Way Down)
single A Single Night

(#5 Masques)
6 If You Die, So Do I
(#6 - Beast Within
7 That Heavenly Face Restored
(#7 - Nor Iron Bars a Cage)
eurydice Eurydice's Swansong

(#8 - Song of Orpheus
9 The Pure Spirit
(# 9 - Dark Spirit)
12 It Wasn't Courage
(#12 - Shades of Grey)
13 To Keep Lovers Apart
(#13 - China Moon)
fight The Fight Within

(#14 - The Alchemist)

16 Family
(#16 - Promises of Someday)
17 You Must Have Known
(#17 - Down to a Sunless Sea
20 The Truth Beyond Knowledge
(#20 - To Reign in Hell)
21 A Point of Almost No Return
(#21 - Ozymandias
22 The Road to a Happy Life
(#22 - A Happy Life)

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