Rhonda Collins

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Short Stories

dreams Dreams of Life
roadThe Road to Friendship
knightUnworthy Knight
win A Winterfest Visit
chess Chess
fever Fever Dreams
black Innocent Blackmail
roof Once Upon a Hot Roof
night The Power of the Night
alone To Be Alone
tyger Tyger, Tyger
when  When the Nighttime Comes

Three Third Season Trilogies
featuring Vincent and Diana
trilogies The files have been 'optimized' to make them more easily read on an e-reader.  
However, some are in double column format so would be best read on a larger screen.

The trilogies each have separate storylines.

All are rated ADULT
Series 1 (single pdf file)  (5.2MB)

Book 1: A New Beginning
Book 2: The Trials of Life
Book 3: The Truth of Love
 Series 2

Book 4: Legend of the Soul  (2.8MB)
Book 5:  The Silent Self   (7.7MB)
Book 6: Journey's End   (0.33 MB)
 Series 3

Book 7: Legacy of Love  (7.7 MB)
Book 8: The Mirror of Our Dreams  (7.1MB)
Book 9: Shadow Dancers  (7.1 MB)

Echoes Echoes of the Heart - Based on the episodes "Terrible Saviour"  and "Siege". ADULT 

Download as PDF (17 MB e-reader)  or PDF (27 MB zine)
bloodbond BloodBond - Catherine returns from the dead as a vampire - and meets some old enemies. ADULT

Download as
PDF (700K) or MOBI (640K)


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