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The Treasure Chambers celebrates the entire Beauty and the Beast TV series (1987-1990)
without prejudice.
ADULT content is so indicated.


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First a ..


What could be more appropriate now than a look at each episode of our series?
We present a single page of images showing the title and end scene for every episode - in both airing and production order.
These are high resolution files suitable for printing.

Mosaic - Title and End Scene
 US Airing Order
Download HERE (11 MB - Hi Res pdf)
Mosaic - Title and End Scene
Production Order 
Download HERE
(11 MB - Hi Res pdf)
Trivia related to these mosaics.

12 episodes of the 55 filmed did NOT use one of several stock New York City skyline pans for the titles. Instead they used a unique sequence directly related to the episode.

These are: Terrible Saviour, Beast Within, China Moon, The Alchemist, Temptation, A Happy Life, Orphans, Though Lovers Be Lost, Nevermore, Snow, The Chimes at Midnight, Legacies



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Baby Vincent Series

Sweet Sir Galahad


I Think on Thee

Autumn's Kaleidoscope

Galahad Was Here

Everything Has a Reason

Download the mp3 file HERE

by Angie

This baby Vincent, also featured in Angie's fanfic of that name, is adapted from a Gi-Go Palm Pals "expression" doll found in a thrift store. He is 8" tall. Read more about these dolls HERE.

All his clothing was made from re-purposed materials. The scale toys, books and furniture were also found in thrift stores.


The "Little Little Golden Books" seen above measure 3" x 2.75" (7.5cm x 7cm) and are all miniature versions of the original children's books with their distinctive gold foil spines. 
1 2
1 2
cradle chair



Musings on 'Remember Love'  - the first episode of  Season 2 (in production order),
and therefore a fitting subject for this anniversary page.

Early in the episode, as Vincent is packing for the trip away with Catherine, we see him rummaging through his chest.
He picks up a very old, very well-used book. He then opens it to a page bookmarked by a pressed rose.

chest book poem

The text is difficult to read, even from a DVD ep capture (so may have been impossible on 80s era televisions, or from a videotape). What was the passage? 'Fern Hill' was read at the beginning of  the episode, and we might assume this was it,  since he never finished reading it to Catherine.
It isn't - but it is another Dylan Thomas poem - 'The Ballad of the Long-Legged Bait '.
The title alone raises some questions about why it has such significance to Vincent. The only other time we saw a rose used as a bookmark, was in the collection of Shakespeare's Sonnets he left Catherine at the end of "Siege". Clearly anything so marked is of visceral importance to Vincent.
Here is the passage shown in 'Remember Love'

From salt-lipped beak to the kick of the stern
Sing how the seal has kissed her dead!
The long, laid minute's bride drifts on
Old in her cruel bed.

Over the graveyard in the water
Mountains and galleries beneath
Nightingale and hyena
Rejoicing for that drifting death

Sing and howl through sand and anemone
Valley and sahara in a shell,
Oh all the wanting flesh his enemy
Thrown to the sea in the shell of a girl

Is old as water and plain as an eel;
Always good-bye to the long-legged bread
Scattered in the paths of his heels
For the salty birds fluttered and fed
And the tall grains foamed in their bills;

Always good-bye to the fires of the face,
For the crab-backed dead on the sea-bed rose
And scuttled over her eyes,

The blind, clawed stare is cold as sleet.
The tempter under the eyelid
Who shows to the selves asleep
Mast-high moon-white women naked

Walking in wishes and lovely for shame
Is dumb and gone with his flame of brides.
Susannah's drowned in the bearded stream
And no-one stirs at Sheba's side

But the hungry kings of the tides;
Sin who had a woman's shape
Sleeps till Silence blows on a cloud
And all the lifted waters walk and leap.

Lucifer that bird's dropping
Out of the sides of the north
Has melted away and is lost
Is always lost in her vaulted breath,

Venus lies star-struck in her wound
And the sensual ruins make
Seasons over the liquid world,
White springs in the dark.


Listen to Richard Burton read it HERE

It's unlikely that this book, with its long-dead rose, would be in Vincent's chest with a lot of other memorabilia from his distant past,
if it related to Catherine. Anything related to her he keeps close to him (like the rose he wears in the pouch around his neck).
Could this passage go much further back, and be something that resonated with Vincent after his 'affair' with Lisa?

We don't learn about Lisa's existence, and her affect on Vincent, for several more episodes, but we are given hints ...

In 'The Alchemist', when Vincent is enraged as a result of inhaling Paracelsus' drug, we have these haunting images of Catherine ...

alchemist 1 alchemist2 ee
There's no doubt that Catherine's appearance in this image was later reinforced in the flash-back sequence much later in 'Arabesque'. But Catherine had the off-the-shoulder look in 'Everything,Everything' too.

The adult Lisa seems to be mocking that earlier image with her costume.

And the big question is - did Lisa have scars from that earlier episode with Vincent? 
The view of her back seems to show a slight scar.

lisa lisa2 back

Did that passage in the Dylan Thomas ballad inspire Vincent's dream "angel" in 'Remember Love'? This character looks like his dream bride, yet apparently is not Catherine, since she plants him in a series of horror scenes, to teach him a lesson about his importance to the tunnel community.
Catherine would never do this to him - and he knows it. So why did he envision her this way?
 We may never know - leaving speculation to the imagination of fan fiction writers.

angel 1 angel2

So what DOES it all mean? Zara offers an explanation ...

My instinct for synthesizing a cohesive history from the uncohesive material at hand tells me that Vincent's relationship with this poem pre-dates his relationship with Catherine...and postdates his relationship with Lisa. It has the right "voice" of predatory male adolescence contemplating a disastrous failure of romance.

Since he took the book out of his childhood-mementos-trunk, I deduce that it's an older artifact from Vincent's younger days. Since he packed it in his bag, I further assume that the book (and perhaps the poem) was a thing he wanted to share with Catherine on their trip.

Combining these elements with my view of "Arabesque," I feel that Vincent harbors no bitterness or resentment with regard to his relationship with Lisa...only regret and grief, and a wisdom gained from adult reflection upon a painful past. There is great shame involved, and terror, but these are not unspeakable secrets for him.

Private matters, yes, and deeply intimate. But not a thing of divisive gothic angst. Rather, something to share, perhaps, with the woman he loves during a brief getaway that will assuredly mark a new era in their relationship (not to mention Vincent's own experience of life on Planet Earth). A part of Vincent's inner life and memory that Catherine will need to know about if and when they decide to explore physical intimacy together.

All with Dylan Thomas serving as a bridge into that conversation, since his was the poetry that spawned the idea for the impossible excursion in the first place. The book is a refuge and repository, the poem both a gateway and a gift. For Vincent, I think it represents a safe way to think about (and talk about) unsafe territory.

My two cents, for what it's worth. I'm not a fan of this episode. It is very Dylan Thomas-esque (for all that they attempted to combine it with ye olde obligatory rip-off of "It's a Wonderful Life") including lyric yet often impenetrable details galore, and a disjointed flow of storytelling. Hard to pull off adequately in a TV series, confusing for too many viewers, and visibly disgusting to Linda Hamilton. I felt bad for her during many episodes of the series. This episode, especially.

Download the pdf version of Zara's analysis HERE


And now for something lighter - and tastier


polenta cake Sweet Polenta Cake

The perfect cake for an autumn/spring evening with a loved one

A tasty and, despite its name, not too sweet. The cake is made with cornmeal, currants, apple and almonds.

Download the recipe HERE (pdf)



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