'SNOW' - a special Hallowe'en feature

This episode was broadcast on December 27, 1989 - but was likely filmed sometime in October 1989.  
The previous episode, 'Nevermore', was probably filmed in September.

However, the long gap between the broadcast of 'The Rest is Silence' (June 1989) and 'Though Lovers Be Lost' (December 1989), meant that 'Snow', the fourth episode in the Season 3 line-up, was broadcast many months later. 

As a result of the seasonal discrepancy, there is no sign of a New York winter in this episode; the only snow we see is in dream sequences.
No one is even wearing an overcoat. While warm weather is possible in October, it is highly unlikely in December (as 'God Bless the Child' made clear).

Plus, this episode seems oddly discordant for the Yuletide holiday season.
But it's perfect for a Hallowe'en broadcast. So, we present it here in appreciation of it's macabre atmosphere ...

We now begin our spooky journey ...

It begins with a snowstorm - Vincent's nightmare

snow1 snow2 snow 3

Here are the supporting players (the snowstorm allusion makes it clear Vincent is having a premonition)

Gabriel - colder even than snow or Snow
Snow, who with his white hair, resembles a certain dangerous android in "Blade Runner". 
snow 6 
And rounding out the field is Diana, dangerous because of her insatiable curiosity.

Now we add some atmosphere ...

Snow 7
A black panther
Vincent - uneasy and lit by just two dripping candles
And another  "snow" nightmare

Then some spooky places ...

Grounds of Gabriel's mansion
 - which look remarkably like a cemetery
Another view of the grounds - gothic and unfriendly
- but with flowers blooming
Meanwhile, Vincent's nightmare looks more wintery than ever ...

Snow takes some pot shots to prove he has no soul - or sense of humour
(implying Gabriel has)

13 14 15

The hunt begins in the tunnels

Snow blasts in the culvert entry and becomes spookily visible in these (very fake)  infrared glasses
Diana pushes out a recently bricked up wall at Catherine's threshold
Vincent, still healing and visibly bleeding after 'Nevermore', enters the fray

Meanwhile, back in the home tunnels, some unintentional comic relief ...

Father mouths a very old and smelly cliché
( 'greater love hath no man') ...
 ... that stuns even Mary and William ...
 ... and we see what Pascal wears to bed.

Then the first confrontations and casualties occur

Stephen is shot dead ...
.... then Old Sam ...
... but Brooke escapes when Snow is distracted
by Vincent's roar

And then we meet some other tunnel denizens


Arthur startles Diana and runs away
While 8-legged critters ...
... investigate Snow

Vincent leads Snow into the Maze - now a very eerie place

25 26 27

Who is the hunted, who the hunter?

Snow loses his infared glasses, then his hearing apparatus, and finally his machine gun
... but keeps on smiling like a jack-o-lantern

28 29 30
31 32 33

Meanwhile, Diana is making a lot of chalk marks and finding nothing but ... more tunnels

... until  noises from the battle elsewhere spook her into drawing her gun

24b d d

She reaches the culvert entry blasted by Snow and finally finds something interesting

.... whereupon she calls it a night
and leaves


The battle comes to a conclusion.

Vincent brings the Maze down onto Snow and receives a gift - then leave
a corpse on Gabriel's helipad
(having magically stopped bleeding)

37 38 39


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