Vincent and Catherine Topsy-Turvey  Doll

'Never Apart'

Doll measures about 6 inches/15 cm, end to end
cath vin




by Judith

The beguiling sound of music,

Drifting down from far above,

Underscoring the softness of her touch.

She lies against you, her cheek pressed close,

Listening to your heart,

As you feel hers, beating with love.

You grasp the profoundness of being alive,

Sensing her lips so close to yours, and yet…

Knowing, in your deepest being,

That she belongs elsewhere,

To a world far apart from your own.

She’s an angel leant briefly to you,

For a Valentine’s moment out of time.

She must return Above

To walk where you cannot follow,

She will always stand alone, in the light…

Orange They Fine

by Angie

When you have a lot of oranges you make .... orange juice. William had done that, but was now faced with a lot of orange peel. 

One didn't just throw things out in the tunnel community. There must be something he could do with them. 

He rummaged among his recipes and found one that used lemons. Lemons never lasted long; a lot of people liked slices in their tea. And this once could be easily converted to oranges.

Hours later, he looked at the fine array of fragrant cupcakes. Just in time for a Valentine's Day surprise. He smiled happily.


Orange Cupcake Recipe (pdf)

My Valentine

by Judith

With a smile and a glance,

A snatched kiss and a touch,

I claim you.

As surely as the sun claims the day

And the moon the following night

I claim thee as mine,

For now and always.

You are mine,

My sweet Valentine,

My all,

My everything,

The end of my aloneness.

As surely as you hold fast to the rose I gave you tonight,

I hold true to you.

Feel my beating heart,

Understand my pain.

Without you there truly is nothing,

No more would I wish to exist in a world

Without your

Smile and sweet kiss…

Dance With Me

by Judith

Catherine raised one hand, asking for silence. “Vincent. Listen…” She leaned against her balcony wall, looking down.

Vincent joined her, looking onto a balcony two floors below. A song was playing, the tune a slow-time waltz.

Elvis Costello, I think.” Catherine nodded. “The song is called “She.”

She may be the song that summer sings” Vincent whispered the lyrics he heard playing.

He turned to Catherine, drawing her into his embrace. “Dance with me...”

I thought you would never ask.” Catherine sighed happily.

As they turned slowly across the tiles, Vincent whispered,For where she goes I've got to be…”

Pure Heart

 by Angie

Catherine handed Vincent a little velvet bag on Valentine's Day.

He carefully emptied it onto his large palm.

“I saw it in a little shop,” she explained. “And when I found out what it meant, I had to buy it for you.”

“A white heart symbolizes purity, honesty, generosity,” Vincent remarked.

“It's also the international symbol for nurses – which we have both been to each other,” Catherine whispered. “The rose symbolizes our love. I thought you could wear it on your cloak.”

“Perrhaps closer to my heart,” he whispered back, attaching it to his vest.


Love Braid

by Angie

Something glinted from the sandy floor near the culvert entry. Vincent picked it up and happily took it back to his chamber. A solution!

He handed Catherine a tiny silk bag on Valentine's Day. She smiled at the little gold locket inside, but noted it was empty. She looked at Vincent, a question in her eyes.

“I didn't want to presume,” he confessed.

“There's only one thing I want inside this,” she whispered.

He gave her three strands of his hair, which she carefully double-braided and placed inside.

Catherine kissed the closed locket and then her favourite man.




(All files mp3)

You Are So Beautiful
Joe Cocker
Perhaps Love
John Denver, Placido Domingo
My Valentine
Martina McBride
You Needed Me
Anne Murray
Forever Yours
Love Me Tender
Elvis Presley
Somebody to Love



vd 2 endless
3 forever 4
always 5 hearts
forever love perhaps


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Barbara Anderson

You Have My Heart


Reflections and Reprise

Memory Lane is Bittersweet

I See You

Clock of Roses
Gwen Lord

A Valentine for Vincent
The Valentine Gift
Valentine Dance

Janet Rivenbark

Valentine Kisses
Sandy P Shelton

A Dreamer's Creed
South of Oz

Always (Adult)
How Do I Love Thee?

ADULT Erotic Art
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