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October 31, 2014

A  special spooky page for B&B fans!

A special fanfic from Angie

Rest, Friend

(click to download/read the .pdf)

rest friend vincent stone

 Angie's Vincent and Catherine dolls remember a special man and his gift to them ...

... while Kristopher watches, unnoticed
(click to enlarge)

vc port
Our favourite spook also played a starring role - with a request and a warning - in another of Angie's fanfic ...

The Song Never Ends


Vincent and Catherine dress up for Halloween ...

click on images to enlarge

vc halloween

Vincent & Catherine ponder their costumes
vin props

Vincent looks at his props, but something is missing ...

vin judge
Vincent doll as The Judge
cath princess
Catherine poses on a rocking horse
cath prin 2
Catherine as the Princess
vc final
The Judge and the Princess
(Vincent doll is 10" tall, Catherine is 9" tall)

Halloween Blingee
rp mask
Ron Perlman doll mask
(1"/2.5 cm wide x 1.5 "/ 4 cm high)

A special dramatic Vincent cross-stitch pattern.
It measures 100 X 100 stitches and uses 13 DMC colours

It would be best worked on either white or black canvas, so either floss colour could be omitted.

Due to glitches in the major browsers, this pattern has been compressed into a zip file to make it easy to download and save.
It may be extracted using any zip file utility such as Winzip or Hamster.
If you have any questions, please contact ...


halloween vin

Download the pattern HERE

Note: This pattern (and all patterns on this site) can be opened and printed using the free Hobbyware Viewer.  
Download it free from

Here's some weird, wacky, and wonderful, spooky music (mp3) ...
(click on title to play/download)
The Addams Family
TV Series
The Headless Horseman
- Bing Crosby
Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain King (Peer Gynt)
Dry Bones - Fats Waller Bazzini - The Dance of the Goblins
With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm - Cyril Smith
A Clockwork Orange - Theme Monster Mash Psycho - Movie Theme
I Put a Spell on You
- Bette Midler
Phantom of the Opera 
Halloween - Movie Theme
Our long-time Vincent impersonator, Lisa Gould, uncovered two lovely
Halloween images for us ...

See more of her wonderful images
in the Treasure Chamber Museum's Lisa Gould Gallery

Lisa Saowen 2

Saowen 1991
Chesapeake Helpers Society
Lisa Saowen 1991
Saowen 1991
Chesapeake Helpers Society

Some special Halloween computer-generated graphics from Judith and Angie ... (click to enlarge)

Judith 1


Judith 2
vin night
Judith 3
Vin sign
vin blood

vin fright
vin lightning vin V cath C vin ghost vc moon
vin pumpkin c black frame vin witch vin rip
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