Valentine's Day, February 14, 2013

Our celebration page for all B&B fans!

A new piece of Valentine's memorabilia ...

I found a lovely glass photo frame with a heart-shaped opening in a thrift store. It was clear glass, but I wanted to emphasize the rose and leaves design, so I bought a suncatcher kit and painted them.
I cut out a small, open, red felt heart and then used a photo image of my "Masques" cross-stitch pattern. The frame measures about 6"  X  5" (15 X 12.3 cm)

A special Valentine's Day fantasy fanfic

Another Dream - by Angie

Click HERE to download it (pdf)
another dream 
And ... a new bookmark for this special day!

Hearts and Hands cross-stitch pattern

Download the pattern HERE

Note: This needs the free Hobbyware Viewer to open and print.
Download it at www.hobbyware.com
 h&h image finished h&h

What could be better on Valentine's Day than hearing Vincent recite some romantic  classical poems? These clips were taken directly from series episodes, so are a little different to those found on official recordings. Are they better? You judge!

Listen in

The Reading Chamber

Who could resist this beautiful - and sexy - song?


  Stevie Nicks: Beauty and the Beast (mp3)

Read the lyrics
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