Valentine's Day, February 14, 2014

A happy day to all B&B fans!

Special Fan Fiction
(pdf - click to view or download)


Love Inspired

Night Love (poem)

The Rose Buffet
(ADULT - 2009)


Step Into My Arms (poem)

To Dream a Dream (poem)


Some music just seems to speak to B&B fans ...

Note: These are mp3 files and will open and play automatically.
The First Time I Loved Forever
- Lisa Angele
Haunted Heart
- Jo Stafford
Perhaps Love
- John Denver/ Placido Domingo
- Secret Garden
All Love Can Be
- Charlotte Church
I Only Know How to Love
Canadian Tenors
I Was Born to Love You
- Freddie Mercury
Kissing You
- Des'Re
Shadow of the Day
- Linkin Park
The Nearness of You
- Sarah Vaughn
Beauty of the Beast
- Nightwish
My Skin
- Natalie Merchant
Almost a Whisper
- Pamela McNeill
Rising Sun
- Loreena McKennit
Like an Angel
When I Dream
- Crystal Gayle
On Your Shore
- Enya
A Warm Place
- Nine Inch Nails

Angie's new Vincent & Catherine as Valentine's Day dolls
(click to enlarge image)

Vincent is 10" (25.5 cm) tall, and Catherine is 9" (23 cm) tall

vc cath vin
Some special Jigaw Puzzles

(click on image to download or play)


Remember Love
A Distant Shore


A Happy Life

Valentine's Day Cross Stitch Patterns

A Distant Shore - compact version

ads sm

Colours: 52
Size: 95 X 128

Download the zip file HERE
V&C Valentine Cartoon

Valentine 2014

Colours: 21
Size: 98w x 71h

Download the zip file HERE

celtic knot
Celtic Knotted Hearts
Colours: 2
Size: 46w x 46h

(Shown on black canvas)

Download the zip file HERE
The Treasure Chambers is proud to announce that
The Galactic Gallery is now resident on this site.
It has a variety of retail B&B cross stitch patterns.

The launch includes a new pattern for Valentine's Day ...
 ' A Distant Shore' in two versions, both more detailed than the one at left.
All patterns were derived from a beautiful painting by Clare Sieffert, with thanks.

(Click on image to visit the page)

ADS lg

A Special Tribuite Photo Page

(Click to view or dowload a high resolution pdf - 1.15 MB)


Lisa Gould shares some more images from her collection  ... (click to enlarge)

Visit the Lisa Gould Feature Gallery in the Treasure Chambers Museum to see more photos and descriptions.

Lisa as Aslan
(the Lion in CS Lewis' Narnia series)

aslan1 ,aslan2
Lisa as Vincent

073 076
077 075
Finally, in the "just-when-you-thought-you'd-seen-everything" department ...

1) There's a petition to bring back our favourite series. Only a few dozen people, out of a requested 550 have signed. There's no indication how long this petition has been active, but if you're willing ...
 sign on HERE

2 ) A Wiki site called "WikiFur" celebrates furry heroes/heroines. There's an entry for our favourite series. However you may feel about that description (!), the page definitely needs some work. Volunteers? Visit it HERE.

And if you want more Valentine's Day treats, you can still visit LAST YEAR'S special feature page HERE
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