Decor - 2

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CrystalEngravings Item 203: Crystal Engravings
Category: Decor
Description: Two different Vincent and Catherine images engraved on crystals, with roses on wooden base, by artist Clare Sieffert
Images provided by: Clare
Centrepiece Item 216: Convention Table Centrepiece
Category: Decor
Description: Table centrepiece made by artist Sandy Tew for the New Orleans B&B convention (2009)
Image provided by: Sandy
minibook Item 240: Convention Miniature Book
Category: Decor
Description: Banquet table miniature book decoration at New Orleans B&B convention (2009). Designed by artist Sandy Tew.
Image provided by: Sandy
ThimbleVincent ThimbleHeadThimble Item 282: Thimbles
Category: Decor
Description: Two licensed Gallo pewter thimbles, one of Vincent's head, the other of a carousel.
Images provided by: JoAnn, Lynette, Angie
Frame Item 283: Double frame
Category: Decor
Description: Double heart pewter frame decorated with roses, with black and white pictures of Vincent and Catherine.
Image provided by: Angie
Mug Item 285: Vincent Mug
Category: Decor
Decription: Dark blue ceramic mug with white drawing of Vincent's head in hood.
Image provided by: Lynette
Ornament Item 305: Christmas Tree Ornament
Category: Decor
Description: Round hanging tree ornament with episode capture of Vincent and Catherine in his chamber.
Image provided by: Laura
pillowcases Item 306: Two Pillow Cases
Category: Decor
Description: Two pillow cases with colour head and shoulder photographs of Vincent, one with eyes closed.
Image provided by: Linda
Bench Item 328: Miniature Park Bench
Category: Decor
Description: Miniature green painted wood park bench, about 2 3/4" wide X 2 1/2" high (7 cm X 6.5 cm). Over 100 were made by Sandy Shelton (Chan) as gifts for attendees of the New Jersey B&B Convention in 2008.
Image provided by: Peggy