Decor - 4

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coin 2 side 1
Item 796: Commemorative Coin
Category: Decor
Description: Beauty and the Beast "limited edition" collectible 1 troy ounce silver coin, issued in 1990 by Republic Pictures Corp. The coin is presented in a 6" X 4" silver velour case with metal corners. Inside the coin is inset on a leaf on the right and a brochure about the series is held by an elastic stip on the left. The coin is stamed "0040". There were 10,000 issued.
Images provided by: Angie

Read the text of the booklet here (pdf.)
crystal promo crystalItem 803: Etched Crystal
Category: Decor
Description: Small, 2 1/4" tall etched quartz crystal by Clare Sieffert. The scene is Vincent and Catherine from the episode "Orphans". It is decorated with two white clay roses and sits on a wooden base. The darker spots are natural colours in the stone.
Image provided by: Linda
TC2 mug
Item 809: Convention Mug
Category: Decor
Description: Beige ceramic mug from Tunnelcon II - A Carousel Fantasy (Las Vegas, Nevada 1992).
Image provided by: Angie

V windowItem 812: Stained Glass Window
Category: Decor
Description: Full-sized replica, 6' x 3' (2m x 1m) of Vincent's stained glass window. Made by Debbie Sullivan of Customcutcreations. The woodwork was done by Dana Hanson.
Image provided by: Julia
851Item 851: Fan Mug
Category: Decor
Description: Printed ceramic mug offered by the UK Chamber Fan Club, one of three UK B&B fan clubs, in the early 1990's.
Image provided by: Pat