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Item 601: Vincent doll
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: "Works of Art" Vincent doll by Linda Elder O'Connor. Dressed in a Native American costume with long white hair and beautifully-detailed face without facial hair. Face seems to be looking upward, as if at the moon. Doll is soft-bodied except for the face, hands and feet. Stands about 19" tall. Won on eBay.
Images provided by: Kathy
vc dolls close V C dolls Item 635: Vincent & Catherine Dolls
Category: Statues & Dolls
Description: Pair of tiny dolls made to celebrate holiday season 2012. Vincent is 4 1/2" (11.5 cm) tall and Catherine 4" (10 cm). Doll bodies are jointed and were constructed from parts of the two male and two female Scooby Do characters. Heads were carved from polymer clay. Dolls are displayed in a windowed 7" X 5" metal Christmas card box.
Image provided by: Angie
Beast dolls Rain dollvin rain Item 656: Vincent Doll
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Commissioned Vincent doll by Laurie Everton remade from a 12" Mattel Beauty and the Beast (Disney animated movie) doll, a standard "Ken" type doll, without joints. Everton repainted the face and cut his hair and also did a female beast doll from the "Belle" doll. Won a 2nd place prize for 2nd place at a doll contest in the Fractured Fairy Tales section.
Angie was commissioned to make a Vincent costume for the doll and made a replica of the one worn in "Rain".

Images provided by: Kathy, Angie
Groovy Girls V front V back Item 713: Vincent doll
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Vincent doll adapted from a 12 inch, soft-bodied 'Groovy Girls' doll (similar to one shown).
Images provided by: Angie
baby V Item 743: Baby Vincent
Category: Dolls
Description: Fan made baby Vincent doll introduced at Tunnelcon II (1992).  He has a molded silicone head and resin claws on hands and feet. He is wearing a "tunnel-tog" overall with knee patches, and scaled down Vincent boots on his feet. Hair is a doll wig. He measures approximately 18".
Image provided by: Lisa
ty fairy 
vc soft vc back
Item 756: Vincent and Catherine Dolls
Category: Dolls
Description: Two soft-bodied dolls converted by Angie into Vincent and Catherine in costumes inspired by 'Orphans' episode. Ty Doll (upper left) became Vincent and the fairy doll Catherine.
Images provided by Angie
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Item 797: Vincent Doll
Category: Dolls
Description: 10 inch (25.5 cm) Vincent doll in Season 3 costume, made from an N'Sync Jas Chasez puppet (strings removed). Head is adapted with polymer clay and hair is yarn from a Ty Doll. Vest is leather with braid hand-made using a lucet. Buttons are roses made from beading wire.
Images provided by Angie
GI Joe  microItem 800: Vincent doll
Category: Dolls
Description: 4 in (10 cm) Vincent doll adapted from a mini GI Joe action figure. He's wearing the replica knotted vest, grey sweater and grey pants, as seen in "When the Bluebird Sings".
Images provided by: Angie
nsync doll nsync head vin head
ozy costume cosltume bk
with cloak cloak bk
Item 802: Vincent Puppet
Category: Dolls
Description: 10 inch (25cm) N'Sync puppet (far left), remade into Vincent, with strings and control pieces retained. Costume is based on that worn in the initial painted tunnel scenes in the episode Ozymandias (tweed sweater, reverse fur vest, patch pants, fur-topped boots, cumberbund and harness belt, pouch, cloak).
Images provided by Angie

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