Jewelry - 2

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Item Description
Roses Item 286: Rose jewelry
Category: Jewelry
Description: Several pieces of "rose" jewelry on thongs, made from ivory, porcelain, pewter and leather, and a sterling silver rose ring.
Images provided by: Lynette
Pouch Item 303: Miniature pouch and rose
Category: Jewelry
Description: Fan made miniature leather pouch on thong, holding ivory rose and quartz crystal. A Canadian/U.S 25 cent piece is shown beside it to indicate size.
Image provided by: Angie
Plaques Reverse Item 432: B&B Ornament
Category: Jewelry
Fan-made series of five double-sided plaques with B&B images (episode captures and studio portraits) forming a little book. The plaques are attached to a ring which has a lanyard with brass rose ornament and small bell. Designed by Annita Chang to hang on personal item.
Images supplied by: Angie
Vincent Earrings Item 437: Vincent Earrings
Category: Jewelry
Description: Earrings made from pewter Vincent pieces and worn by Frank Garvin when he appeared at B&B conventions as Vincent impersonator "Frankly Vincent".
Image supplied by: Peggy
pendant Item 460: B&B Pendant
Category: Jewelry
Description: Small sterling silver pendant with "Beauty and the Beast" imprint and a rose. About one inch (2.5 cm) across. Claimed to be official B&B product. Reverse side is engraved "R E I" and under that "Sterling". Sold with velvet drawstring bag imprinted with series title in copper print and a length of leather cord. Won on eBay.
Image provided by: Kathy
V pin Item 461: Vincent Brooch
Category: Jewelry
Description: Small decorative brooch made by Rita Terrell. It measures about 1 1/2" by 1" (2.5 X 3.4 cm).  On the back side is her signature and the pin.
Image supplied by: Kathy
pin pendant earrings Item 746: Vincent Accessories
Category: Jewelry
Description: Pewter Vincent lapel pin (left), an alternate design issued by Gallo for Republic Pictures in 1990. Fans remade them into a pendant (centre) and earrings (right)..
Images provided by: Museum Project, Peggy
pendant fr pendant bkItem 806: Vincent Pendant
Category: Jewelry
Description: Hand made, painted porcelain head of Vincent on a leather thong, by artist Ralon Chamberlain. It measures 2 3/4" long x 1 3/4" wide.
Images provided by: Kathy