Mystery - 3

These original series costumes have not yet been positively identified in an episode.

Any information on these is welcome. Please contact the email below.


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Item Description
853 fr 853 bk
853 rev1 853 rev2
Item 853: Shirt
Category: Mystery
Description: Short adult tunnel person shirt, made of brown burlap weave raw silk with thin, leather suede pieces whipstitched over top. Probably worn by male character.
Image provided by: Museum Project
belt bk belt frItem 854: Belt
Category: Mystery
Description: Adult sheepskin belt with long leather thong, doubled and looped through cut holes and fastened by drawing loose ends through thong loop. Such belts were usually worn by male characters.
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vest fr vest bk
Item 855: Vest
Category: Mystery
Description: Adult double-knit vest with collar, made of wool blends, black on reverse. Leather tie fastens garment at front collar. A row of three double gold-coloured, oval metal conchos closes it down the front opening. Likely worn by a female.
Images provided by: Museum Project