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Item Description
Item 528: Set photos
Category: Photographs
Description: Two black and white photographs of Ron Perlman in Vincent costume (but without hand makeup), studying an unidentified script on the set in front of a brick wall. Costume indicates this was taken during the filming of Season 3, possibly Invictus.
Images supplied by: Kathy
1 2 Item 558: Press Photos
Category: Photographs
Description: Two black and white press photos, with explanatory text, from CBS, one promoting the premiere of Season 1 and the other Season 2.
Images provided by: Kathy
1 capt1
2 2-1
Item 559: Promo Photos
Category: Photographs
Description: Four staged Season 2 CBS black and white publicity photographs, taken on the set, with descriptions.
set2 2-1'
set3 capt 3
set4 2-2

Item 560: Press Photos
Category: Photographs
Description: Eight staged black and white promotional press set photos from Seasons 1 and 2, issued by CBS, with descriptions.
Images provided by: Kathy
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11

12 13
Item 561: Press Photos
Category: Photographs
Description: Series of black and white photographs of characters and actors, with descriptions, issued by Witt/Thomas Productions to the press for promotion of the series on network and specialty channels.
Images provided by: Kathy
v candles V 2 Item 567: Vincent Photos
Category: Photographs
Description: Two colour photographs of Vincent used frequently for promotion in news media and B&B materials.
Images provided by: Kathy
vin promo
Item 585: Colour Photo
Category: Photographs
Description: 8" X 10" official colour promotional, Season 2, head and shoulders photo of Vincent. One of the few where he shows canine teeth.
Image provided by: Museum Project
John Franklin
jf col jf2
Item 612: Publicity Photos
Category: Photographs
Description: Two black and white and one colour photo of John Franklin, who played a young Vincent in "Promises of Someday". He is holding the toy carousel that brings back memories for Vincent early in the episode. He's wearing a costume from the carousel flashback scenes (Show Costumes - Others 3, Item 372). Note that the colour image is reversed.
Images provided by: Kathy, Stu, Museum Project
RP JF Item 613: Publicity photo
Category: Photographs
Description: Ron Perlman and John Frankin, who played a young Vincent in "Promises of Someday" horse around on the set. Timingof this can be determined from the costumes worn. Franklin is wearing the outfit he wore in the first flashbacks of the episode, images of which are highly flared. In this photo he is wearing a leather jacket later worn by Mary in Season 2 (Show Costumes - Others - 4, Item 401) and an unidentified leather tunic. Vincent is wearing the costume he wore in the early part of the episode - meeting Catherine, holding the carousel, and meeting Devin. Neither actor appears to have "Vincent" canines.

Image provided by: Kathy
agphoto Item 636: Autographed Photo
Category: Photographs
Description: Autographed 8" X 10" studio photograph addressed to Stuart (Stu Shef). Signatures were acquired for Stu by David Schwartz, former B&B TV series production assistant, and took him two years. Photo was placed under 'magnetic plastic' while ink was still wet, which caused autographs to smudge.
Image provided by: Stu