Plaques - 3

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Item Description
V1 lynn vc
Item 769: Fused Bead Images
Category: Plaques
Description: Three fused Hama pixel bead pictures, Two based on chalk drawings of Vincent by Lynn Wright (2.5" X 3.25"/6.5cm X 8cm)(3" X 4"/7.5cm X 10cm) and one heart-shaped monochrome Vincent and Catherine from episode captures (4 1/2" x 2 1/4"/11cm X 5.5cm). Beads are 12 to the inch.
Images provided by: Angie
V window fusedItem 776: Fused Bead Window
Category: Plaques
Description: Vincent's stained glass Window rendered in fused Hama pixel beads (12 per inch) and measuring 6" X 3" (15cm X 7.5cm).
Image provided by: Angie
841Item 841: Big Apple Plaque
Category: Plaques
Description: Metal New York 'Big Apple' picture frame turned into a B&B display, with ivory rose, Gallo pewter Vincent head and quartz crystal. Plaque is 6" (15 cm) tall and 5.5" (154 cm) wide.
Image provided by: Angie