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Item 3: TV Week Cover and Feature article
Category: Printed Material
Description: Feature story on B&B in Chicago Tribune TV Week (June 1988)
Images contributed by: Darlene 

Download the article HERE
Item 177: TV Guide Cover and Feature Article
Category: Printed Material
Description: Cover and inside pages of July 16,1988 Canadian edition of TV Guide, with picture of Ron Perlman with Vincent on cover and interview with Ron Perlman.
Images supplied by: Pat

  Download the transcript of the article (pdf) HERE
Yearbook1988 ArticleArticle1 Item 276: US Magazine Yearbook
Category: Printed Material
Description: US Magazine Entertainment Yearbook (December 26, 1988), with picture of Vincent on cover and short article and large black and white picture of Vincent inside.
Images provided by: Joanne


Item: 279: Bravo (German) Magazine Cover
Category: Printed Material
Description: Cover of Bravo Magazine from September 21, 1990, showing image of Vincent and featuring article about Ron Perlman.
Image provided by: Museum Project (Translation by Esther)

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Read and the  translation HERE
Cartoon1 Cartoon2 JokeCard Item 292: B&B Lampoon Items
Category: Printed Material
Description: Two published B&B "send-up" cartoons (one by Mike Flaher (Starlog 1990), and the other by Leah Rosenthal), and a "joke" card.
Images provided by: Lynette
Starlog126 Read/download the article here Item 314: Starlog Magazine #126
Category: Printed Material
Description: Images and B&B article from Starlog Magazine issue from January 1988, featuring an interview with pilot episode director Richard Franklin.
Text on B&B picture: (Upper) "In updating Beauty and the Beast with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman, Richard Franklin maintained the classic romanticism of the fable."
(Lower): "Deep below, in the labyrinths underneath New York City, director Richard Franklin considers his link to TV fantasy."
Note: Starlog magazine was published from August 1976 to April 2009 (33 years and 374 issues).
Article transcription and images provided by: Dar
SL128 Read/download the article here
Item 316: Starlog #128, March 1988
Category: Printed Material
Description: Starlog magzine cover and inside images and interview with Ron Perlman.
Images and text provided by: Dar

Item 319: Good Housekeeping, August 1988
Category: Printed Material
Description: Frank magazine interview with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton, done during Season 1 filming.
Images provided by: Jeff

Download the transcript of the 
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TVG1 TVG2 Item 523: TV Guide Ads
Category: Press
Description: CBS Season 3 ads from TV Guide, advertising the extended first episode as a "movie", marketing the season as more angry, violent. Romance is not mentioned, as it was in the first two seasons.
Images supplied by Kathy
89 review Item 524: Newspaper Review
Category: Press
Description: Article from Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester NY, January 10, 1989, describing the series as "New Age", "kind of silly" but "also kind of fun".
Image supplied by: Kathy