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Item 583: Gallo Ad
Cateogry: Press
Description: Full page black and white ad for Gallo Pewter Sculptures Corp., showing some of the extensive line of B&B items available.
Image provided by: Kathy

Item 586: Starlog Magazine article
Category: Press
Description: Starlog Issue #172 with a feature article about Irina Catherine Irvine, who played Jamie in the series. She provides fascinating insights to all three seasons, including behind the scenes information and cuts made to episodes.
Images provided by: Kathy

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ad Item 607: Press Ad
Category: Press
Description: Full colour ad created by Witt/Thomas to promote the TV series in advance of the Emmy Awards of 1988. From the Hollywood reporter (dated July 12, 1988). Meaures 8 1/2" x 11 1/2".
Image provided by: Kathy
vid poster Item 720: Poster
Category: Press
Description: 11.5" X 15" glossy color photo print of a somewhat damaged December 1994 video release poster advertising episodes 9-12 : Dark Spirit, A Children's Story, An Impossible Silence, and Shades of Grey.
Image provided by: Museum Project