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cover back cover Item 738: Magazine Review
Category: Press
Description: Review of B&B series in Epilog Review, Sept/Oct 1992, by David W.Dietz III.
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BravoRead the translation HERE (pdf)Item 773: Press Article
Category: Press
Description: Article in the German Bravo magazine from 1991, giving a precis of the classic seasons and an outline of Season 3.
Translation by: Andrea
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Item 831: Magazine Article
Category: Press
Description: Feature article about Roy Dotrice (Father) from the New Zealand Women's Weekly, January 29, 1990.
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832 NZRT Download the pdf HEREItem 832: TV Listings
Category: Press
Description: Season 2 episode listings from the New Zealand Radio and TV Times, 1989-1990.
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Item 833: Magazine Article
Category: Press
Description: Feature article about Beauty and the Beast in the New Zealand Listener's and TV Times, December 11, 1989.
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835 Download the pdf HEREItem 835: Newspaper Article
Category: Press
Description: Feature article in New Zealand press from Season Two, just before airing of "A Fair and Perfect
Knight" (which aired in the US in January 1989).
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Item 836: TV Announcement
Category: Press
Description: Effusive Family Channel TV guide announcement of their airing of Beauty and the Beast, dated March 30, 1990.
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Item 856: Magazine Feature Article
Category: Press
Description: Four part, 14 page illustrated article in the French 'Generation Series' magazine from 1994. Inclulded is an overview of the series premise, a critique of all three seasons, a comparison with other Beauty and the Beast productions, and a series episode guide.
Images provided by: Odile