Printed Matter - 1

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Item Special Description
SubwayPoster Download/read the subway poster story  (.pdf) here Item 2: Wild Side Ad Poster
Category: Printed Matter
Description: B&B TV series ad poster, originally displayed in New York subway (1988)
Image contributed by: Carole
Item story by: Carole
CallSheet Letter Signed

“This is my first piece of BatB memorabilia (bought off Ebay). It means so much to have a little piece of a show that has inspired me since I was a teenager. And, the fact that it was obtained during the taping of "A Happy Life" makes it even more special.”

Item 4: "A Happy Life" call sheet, letter of authenticity, autographed poster
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Cast/crew call sheet for "A Happy Life" episode (shooting day 2 1/2), Letter of Authenticity, publicity poster autographed by Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton.
Images contributed by: Laura
Item story by: Laura
Cover  Inside TitlePagePublisher Item 57: Great Expectations hardcover
Cateogry: Printed Matter
Description: 1939 Heritage Press version of Great Expectations (as seen in Pilot episode).
Images provided by: Janet
Sonnets TitlePage EpCap Item 58: Love Poems and Sonnets of William Shakespeare
Category: Printed Matter
Description: 1939 Heritage Press edition of Love Poems and Sonnets of Shakespeare (same edition as used in Siege - Sonnet 29)
Images provided by: Abby
Card Item 64: Jim Warren Collector Card
Category: Printed Matter
Description: 1994 Jim Warren Collector Card #51 "Beauty and the Best", with image of Vincent and Catherine on front and back.
Image provided by: JoAnn
Calendar Item 76: B&B Calendar Card
Category: Printed Matter
Description: 1990 B&B calendar card with Vincent and Catherine picture and partial Sonnet 29 quotation on reverse side.
Image provided by: JoAnn
Zine2 Zine1 Item 80: German version of B&B comic
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Front and back covers of German version of two Beauty and the Beast comic books, written and illustrated by Wendy Pini. Published by Bastei, date not stated.
Images provided by: JoAnn
Stationery Item 86: B&B Stationery
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Linen bond "Beauty and the Beast" letterhead and envelope. Also inscripted "witt . thomas productions" and with Hollywood address.
Image provided by: JoAnn
Closeup Poster Item 150: Autographed Olivia Poster
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Full-sized print of Olivia poster personally autographed by Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman.
Image provided by: Lisa (estate sale)
MagCover MagBack Item 161: Above and Below - A guide to Beauty and the Beast
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Soft cover, 8"X 10" book about Beauty and the Beast (Image Publishing, NY, 1990), edited by Edward Gross. Includes interviews with cast and producers, and essays.
Images provided by: Becky