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Comics Item 215: Six Innovation Comic Books
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Set of licensed, colour (6" X 10") comic books published in 1993 by Repubic Pictures Corp. Artwork by Mike Deodato Jr. Based on the pilot episode (three parts), "Siege" (two parts) and "Masques" (one part - unfinished).
Note: The series was never completed.
Unofficial Back UTpic Item 275: The Unofficial Tale of Beauty and the Beast
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Front and back covers of B&B "insider" book written and edited by Edward Gross and published by Pioneer Books.  Blooper picture of "Linda Williams" on page 67 - one of several cast shots in the centre of the book. Updated edition of book originally published in 1988.
Images provided by: Becca and Angie
 Music sheet
sheet ThemeSheet
Item 288: Music Book and Sheet Music
Category: Printed Matter
Description: "Of Love and Hope" licensed book of sheet music for piano and three sheet music selections: "The First Time I Loved Forever" Easy Piano and the same selection for piano/vocal/guitar, and The Theme from Beauty and the Beast.
Images provided by: Lynette
ins David ins
ins ins
Item 293: Autographed pages
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Various black and white autographed pictures of cast and crew, and two autographed "tunnel" Christmas cards, all as inserts in "Once Upon a Time is Now" fan newsletter, circa 1990/1991
Images provided by: Lynette
backinsidecalenda Item 302: Beauty and the Beast 1989 Calendar
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Official 1989 Beauty and the Beast calendar with 12 studio images.
Images provided by: Cyndi
Bookmarks4 Bookmarks3
Bookmarks2 Bookmarks1
Item 307: Bookmarks
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Several fan-made bookmarks with various images of Vincent taken from episode captures and official studio photographs.
Images provided by: Lynette
Book Item 312: B&B Novel
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Cover of "Love's Journey to Awakening" by Laurel Cain Haws, alias Karen L. Haws, alias Karen Hawes, who also designed the cover. Billed as a sequel to the TV series, it was published by Honey Tree Enterprises in 2008 in various formats, including oversized, large print hardcover, trade paperback and downloadable .pdf.  A later printing corrected some character errors. It cedes rights of reproduction (but not sales) to producer Ron Koslow. 
Image provided by: Becca
JournalFront JournalBack Item 313: B&B Journal
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Hardcover journal, 6.5 in. wide X 8.75 in. long, with portion of Olivia portrait on the front. Contains 200 white, grey-lined pages with a simple curlicue design on the top left and bottom right of each set of double pages.
Published by what is now Antioch Publishers (listed on the first inside page as Webway Inc., USA, Lifetime Albums in the UK, and Antioch Markham, Inc. in Canada).
 Bought in a U.S border drugstore for about $7 in the fall of 1990.
Images provided by: Tanya
coverepcap1 epcap2 Item 317: Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Green cover edition as seen in the B&B Season Two episode, "Brothers". This edition was issued in 1967 and 1970. Publisher identified as (1) Huron (2) Edito-Service and (3) Huron/Edito-Service.
Episode Captures by: Museum Project
Image provided by: Cyndi
LH card card back Item 451: Linda Hamilton collector card
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Official Linda Hamilton autograph card from a card set released by Panini in 2011 called Americana, showcasing different stars and the TV series/movies that they starred in. Card measures 3 1/2" by 2 1/2". Only 20 Beauty and the Beast autograph cards were made and this is #13.
Images provided by: Kathy