Printed Matter - 8

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 art card
Item 637: Art Card
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Small black and white "Phantom of the Underground" art card by "Rikk" (Syndragon Studio) and dated 1990.
Image provided by: Stu
COI auto Item 643: Autographed Script
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Cover page of script for "Ceremony of Innocence", autographed by Ron Perlman - Vincent (r), Linda Hamilton - Catherine (top), Jay Acovone - Joe (centre), Margaret Besera-Prentice - Beast makeup (lower right) and David ? (lower left).
Image provided by Stu Shef.
bmks Item 755: Bookmarks
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Three official, Republic-issued 1988 6" X 1.5" tabbed bookmarks, with the same images and quotations as bookmarks in Item 184.
Image provided by: Museum Project
non con Item 790: Convention Poster
Catetgory: Printed Matter
Description: Large poster for a B&B convention supposedly to be held in the Queen Mary Hotel, the refitted Cunard ocean liner moored at Long Beach, CA. Known afterwards as the "Non-Con" or "Con-Con", tickets were sold at the Tunnelcon 2 convention (Las Vegas 1992). The convention never happened and no money was reimbursed because organizer said "she had spent it".
Image provided by: Peggy
auto poster Item 791: Autographed Poster
Category: Printed Matter
Description: Detail of large, 34" X 42" poster of Vincent seated, autographed by Ron Perlman. Bought at the St Louis B&B convention (1991). See full poster, Item 516, Page 5. Note the patch leather gauntlet on his right arm, which can also be seen in the Olivia portrait. The gauntlet can be clearly seen in the December photo of the 1992 Calendar, which was part of the same photo shoot.
Image provided by: Linda
auto script Item 804: Autographed Original Script
Category: Printed Material
Description: Numbered script cover of 'Arabesque', autographed by Ron Perlman and Roy Dotrice.
Image provided by: Linda
poster Item 811: Convention Poster
Category: Printed Material
Description: 11" X 17" colour convention poster for the Kingdom by the Sea III B&B convention in Florida (2002). Artwork by Clare Sieffert depicts the dream sequence from A Happy Life.
Image provided by: Linda
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Item 834: Cast Postcards
Category: Printed Material
Description: Hand written postcards sent to a New Zealand fan by various members of B&B cast in 1991.
Images provided by: Judith
857 fr 857bk Item 857: Novel - La Belle et la Bete
Category: Printed Matter
Description: 1990 J'ai Lu (I read) French translation of Barbara Hambly's 'Beauty and the Beast' novel published by Republic Pictures Corp in 1989. Categorized as "Roman" or romance. Translated into "American" by Francois Jamoul.
Images provided by: Odile
comic1 Item 865: Autographed comic
Category: Printed Matter
Description: First issue in Innovation comic series, autographed by illustrator Mike Deodato Jr, with certificate of authenticity.
Image provided by: Cheryl