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Item Episode Captures Description
GentianBizCard EpCap Item 93: Kristopher Gentian Business Card
Cateogory: Printed Material
Description: Business card presented (briefly) to Catherine by artist Kristopher Gentian in "When the Bluebird Sings". Also a note from Frank Luz, who played Gentian.
Imaged provided by: Sandy
Autographs  Necklace EpCap Item 100: Original Quartz Crystal Necklace and Autographs
Category: Jewelry
Description: Original quartz crystal necklace presented to Catherine by Vincent in "Temptation" episode. The wrap crystal attachment was made in a rose motif of 14kt gold filled wire. Made by Tamara, who was asked to create create "a beautiful symbol of timeless and deep eternal love".
Photo autographs by Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton.
Ron wrote: "Your crystal served to enhance a very special moment for us! Thank you. Best! Ron Perlman"
Linda wrote: "Dear Tamara, The crystal is beautiful, beautiful. Thank you and love always. Linda Hamilton".
Images provided by: Tamara
HeadFront HeadSide Item 168: Vincent Prosthetic Head
Category: Various
Description: Prosthetic head of Vincent with natural wig, from Ron Perlman facial mold, one of those used by make-up artists during show production.
Image provided by: Museum Project (EBay sale item)
Brooch EpCap Item 258: Blue Bow Brooch
Catetgory: Show Costume
Description: Blue bow rhinestone brooch sold on EBay as show prop. Possibly seen in Catherine's jewelry box, although identification is not positive.
Episode: Everything is Everything (1988)
Image provided by: Museum Project
Window Item 355: Set Photo
Category: Photographs
Description: Photograph taken on the set of "Beauty and the Beast" of the stained glass window in Vincent's chamber, along with shelf accessories and the cushions on his bed.
Image provided by: Peggy
Head Prop Item 424: Vincent Head Prop
Category: Props
Description: Life-sized Vincent prosthetic head with short, wild wig. Sold by Premiere Props via online auction for unknown price. Described as having green eyes. Use unknown, possibly a prototype, or makeup model for Young Vincent actors or stunt men. 
Image supplied by: Museum Project
RD life cast Item 433: Roy Dotrice Life Mask
Category: Show Prop
Description: Plaster life mask of Roy Dotrice dating from B&B production period. Probably used by makeup department to form prosthetic false face used by Paracelsus to disguise himself as Father in "Ceremony of Innocence". Offered for sale by props auction house.
Image supplied by: Museum Project
Item 850: Vincent Prosthetic
Category: Show Prop
Description: Rick Baker (makeup artist) 2015 auction items: genuine Vincent mask, hairy hands, nails and teeth.
Image supplied by: Museum Project