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Cassette Item 85: Lisa Angelle Cassette Tape
Category: Recordings
Description: Lisa Angelle vocal single cassette of B&B theme "The First Time I loved Forever", featured in the "A Distant Shore" episode. Also issued as a 45 rpm, with same cover art. The record has Ron Perlman reading "Somewhere I Have Never Traveled" on the "B" side between verses of the same song.
Images provided by: JoAnn
GoldRecord Item 115: Gold Record
Category: Recordings
Description: Gold record presented to Capital Records for the sale of one million copies of the 1989 music and classical reading recording "Beauty and the Beast - of Love and Hope". Music composed by Don Davis and Lee Holdridge, classical readings by Ron Perlman. Issued first as a long-playing (LP) vinyl record, cassette tape (1996) and CD (2005).
DVDDVDDVD DVD Item 147: Swedish B&B DVD Covers
Category: Recordings
Description: Three volumes of DVD covers for Swedish release of
Beauty and the Beast,
Images provided by: Maria, Museum Project
vids teasers scrapbook
Item 151: Fan Videotapes
Category: Recordings
Decription: B&B fan group Helpers Above Tulsa video tapes - 6 Music video collection, 1 video scrapbook and 2 teaser tapes. Produced in the early 1990s and given in thanks to charitable donors.
Images provided by: Museum Project
ComboCombo Item 197: Two Episode B&B VCR release
Category: Recordings
Description: 1990 two episode videotape featuring "To Reign in Hell" and "Orphans". Cover title is "Beauty and the Beast - Above, Below and Beyond". One of only two such combinations produced. This is the only Season Two episode released in VCR format (see Item 212 for the other).
Images provided by: Becky
ComboCombo Item 212: B&B Episode Videotape
Category: Recordings
Description: 1988 VHS videotape with two Season One B&B episodes - the first episode (pilot) "Once Upon a Time in New York" and the last, " A Happy Life". One of only two such combination VCR releases (see Item 197 for the other).
Images provided by: Abby
tapetape Item 214: Season Three VCR Release
Category: Recordings
Description: VCR covers of "Though Lovers Be Lost", the only Season Three episode released on videotape (1990). Images provided by: Abby
PilotPilot Item 218: Season One VCR videotape - Once Upon a Time in New York (pilot episode)
Category: Recordings
Description: 1991 videotape release of pilot episode.
Image provided by: Abby
tapetape Item 219: Season One VCR videotape - Terrible Saviour
Category: Recordings
Description: 1991 release videotape of Episode 2 (airing order), Episode 4 (production order).
Image provided by: Abby