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OtapeBack Item 238: Season One VCR videotape - Ozymandias
Category: Recordings
Description: 1991 release videotape of Episode 21 (airing and production order).
Image provided by: Abby
AHLBack Item 239: Season One VCR videotape - A Happy Life
Category: Recordings
Description: 1991 release videotape of final episode (22 -airing and production order).
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S1 cover S2 S3 Item 241: Region 1 DVDs
Category: Recordings
Description: Covers from all three seasons of Region 1 dvds. Season 1 and 2 collections were issued in 2007 and Season 3 in 2008.
Image provided by: Angie
FinnishDVD Item 310: Finnish DVD
Category: Recordings
Description: Cover of Volume 1 (Season 1) of the DVDs released in Finland
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OLAH cd olah cover
Item 506: Of Love and Hope CD
Category: Recordings
Description: 2005 CD release of "Of Love and Hope", first released as LP record in 1989. Includes many complete classic readings by Ron Perlman. Music by Don Davis and Lee Holdridge.
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lp lp back
 sleeve 1 sleeve 2
Item 512: LP Record
Category: Recordings
Description: Long-playing record album "Of Love and Hope" released in 1989. First format sold with B&B poems and music. Sold enough copies to go "Gold"(see Recordings, page 1, item 115).
Images supplied by: Kathy, Angie
cover side Item 551: Promotional Videotape
Category: Recordings
Description: Repubic Pictures issued videotape with short clips (5 X 30 seconds and 5 X 10 seconds), sent to television stations for airing as advertising promotion for the series.
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Item 552: Advance Cassette Tapes
Category: Recordings
Description: Two advance, promotional cassette tapes issued with the same selections used in the released "Of Love and Hope" recordings on LP, tape, and CD. Probably sent to various media for review purposes.
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cover back booklet
inside 1 inside2
Item 553: Official Anniversary CD
Category: Recordings
Description: Licensed 20th Anniversary CD of themes and short scores from episodes in all three seasons, many of which are not on the "Of Love and Hope" recording. Includes Lisa Angele's "The First Time I Loved Forever", but no readings by Ron Perlman. Includes a booklet with promotional images from the series.
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Item 554: Don Davis CD
Category: Recording
Description: Hyperspace CD, produced in Belgium, featuring music by Don Davis composed for films and television. Includes several pieces from B&B (called a "Symphonic Suite") which are not on the "Of Love and Hope" album. Note the use of pseudonyms for the conductor (Jacob Wells) and producer (John Pater).
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