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Stu auto
Item 647: Stu Vincent
Category: Replicas
Description: Photograph of Stu Shef in Vincent costume and makeup, signed by Margaret Besera who did Vincent's makeup in the series.
Image provided by: Stu
781orig mask 781 mask
781 c fr 781 c bk 781 pants 781 tunic fr 781 costume
781 gants 781 boots781 asc
Item 781: Halloween Costume
Category: Replicas
Description: Complete adult Halloween costume and mask made by Angie in October 2013. Tunic is whip-stitched suede, gauntlets suede with multi-coloured fringe, boots are suede over snowmobile boot liners with dyed sheepskin trim, orange pants with knee patches and ties, dark grey wool/alpaca blend cloak with leather trim and clasp closure, leather pouch and manufactured metal belt. Costume was made completely from items bought in thrift stores. Mask is shaped and painted "Celluclay" papier mache over a white paper mask found in a dollar store. Hair is synthetic wig found in thrift store.
Images provided by: Angie