Set Miniatures - 1

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Item Description
Culvert Item 39: Park Culvert Entrance Miniature
Category: Set Miniature
Description: Miniature model of Central Park (Griffith Park) culvert entrance with concrete-like entry, earth embankment, trees, leaves and stones.
Image provided by: Chan
WhisperingGallery Item 47: Whispering Gallery Model
Category: Set Miniature
Description: Miniature of Whispering Gallery with plank bridge and tunnel exits.
Image provided by: Chan
FathersChamber Item 48: Model of Father's Chamber
Category: Set Miniature
Description: Miniature of Father's chamber with rock-like walls, bookcases, mezzanine, statue, chair, two staircases, carpet, etc.
Image provided by: Chan
DioramaFrontTop Side Item 166: Diorama Box of Vincent's desk
Category: Various
Description: Wood framed, latched-top, hinged box with glass sides (7.5" X 5" X 4.75"). Contains colour image of Vincent's stained glass window on the back side, with books, candles, a red rose, journal with pen, quartz crystal necklace and ceramic rose with pouch.
Image provided by: Lynn
Chamber Item 273: Vincent's Chamber miniature
Category: Set Miniatures
Description: 11 inch Vincent doll in fan made costume in replica of Vincent's chamber. All furniture and furnishings are second-hand or hand-made.
Image provided by: Angie
 MiniatureTunnels  Item 311: Miniature Tunnels
Category: Set Miniatures
Description: Collection of miniature B&B tunnel chambers created by Dr Celia Strauss, a Brazilian B&B fan, and stored inside a wardrobe. Visit the BATBland website for a close look at the detail. Sorry, the Treasure Chambers does not provide live links to outside sites.
Image provided by: Celia

Vin chamber Item 752: Jane Freeman Miniatures
Category: Set Miniatures
Description: In the late 1980's, New York artist Jane Freeman became inspired by the B&B episode sets and created 24 special miniatures based on them.

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Images provided by: Jane