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822 bk 822 fr  822 sleeve invictus2invictus 1 Item 822: Vincent Sweater
Category: Show Costumes - Vincent
Description: Red, cotton sweater with front detailing, back zipper and wide leather thongs along forearm. Sleeve ends also have zippers. Worn in Season Three. Sweater is grubby and has a wardrobe tag that says "Fire Med". Worn in the escape scene in Invictus.
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Item 878 - Vincent Pants
Category - Show Costumes - Vincent
Description: Pale blue, narrow wale corduroy iconic pants two front and two back snap pockets. Pants have black elastic stirrups and light coloured, leather pieced knee patches with thong ties. Patches are reinforced, dark fur pieces turned to the show the reverse. Worn in Season 3, 'Snow' episode, and others.
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tlblItem 879: Vincent Cumberbund
Category: Show Costumes - Vincent
Description: 11 inch wide leather cumberbund or under belt. Double construction - suede and shiny leather pieces whip-stitched together on underside, with shiny brown leather on top. Two pieces were glued together. Impression of whip-stitching and velcro stitching on underside can be seen on right side. Closes with several long strips of velcro in chevron pattern. Vertical plastic strips were inserted between the layers around the piece, to ensure it stayed flat and kept its shape. Best seen in 'Though Lovers Be Lost' episode, but worn in several other Season 3 episodes as well.
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