Judy Evans - Costume Designer

Judy passed away on November 28, 2017
Please read her obituary HERE

Judy was nominated for Primetime  Emmys, for Outstanding Costume Design for a Series, in all three seasons of Beauty and the Beast.
In 1988, she was nominated for the episode "The Alchemist", and in 1990 for "Though Lovers Be Lost".
She won the Emmy in 1989 for the episode "The Outsiders".


Judy Evans receiving the Emmy in 1989.
(right - series producer, Ron Koslow)
- photo courtesy Judy Evans

Costumer's Quarterly,

Published in association with the Internatonal Costumer's Guild,

featured an article on Judy in  Vol 3, No 3/4 Winter/Spring 1990 (pgs 25-28)

Download the issue HERE (pdf)

Please note that the author of this article was Carl Coling, who also took the photos featured. He was uncredited in this issue, due to an oversight, but was informed of the error by Judy Evans and a correction was made in the following issue. We are happy to set that record straight.

Note: Judy had not seen this issue until now, and remarks that the picture of the crew at the end of the article "is amazingly incorrect in identifying us".   We are happy to set that record straight also.

"Far left is Parker Poole - not an assistant designer, there was not one on the series.  Parker was a mens set dresser and toward the end of the series when Ron was in bad health he assisted Ron Hodge.  Next was Mary Taylor, my women's costume supervisor, then myself as designer, then far right Ron Hodge, my mens costume supervisor."

Visit the International Costumer's Guild website HERE

Issues of the ICG Costumer's Quarterly magazine (1987-2001)
may be downloaded HERE

Pipeline Magazine Online
a publication of  The Starving Artist's Workshop,
features a online slideshow of Judy Evans, her costumes, and her workshop
during the filming of the series HERE

Many heartfelt thanks to Judy for kindly taking photos of her beautiful sketches,
and for allowing them to be displayed for the enjoyment of all B&B fans in The Treasure Chambers!


The sketches on this page all measure 11" X 15" ( 28cm X 38cm) and are all drawn with markers made by Chart Pak.  

"When a new script came out I had usually just a couple of days to do all the sketches and designs for the new show,
so my usual style of ink and watercolor was impractical," she explained.

'Judy was extremely talented as a sketch-costume illustrator with a wonderful theatrical pen and pencil graphic style.
Judy's sketches always had a stylish flourish to the illustration, and a very clean silhouette.'
 (source: IMDB)

Sincere thanks to the many fans who supplied images of the costumes in their care.
Some costume images are missing. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, or can supply an image, please contact me.


Vincent Costumes

Note: where possible the episode shown is the one where the costume first appeared.
(click on images to see enlargement)

The Cloak


Set photo
(Courtesy Judy Evans)

9675cloak costume


Smock Tunic


Episode: Legacies
Short Padded Vest
with Collar

vest 9679

9679 ep

Episode: The Hollow Men

Overlap Buttoned Tunic


9683 tunic legacies

Episode: Legacies
9904 costume

Long Boat-neck Tunic

9685 vest
9684 ep cap

Episode: God Bless the Child
9685 costume

Long-sleeved Shirt

9687 ep cap

Episode: The Rest is Silence


Fancy Shirt & gauntlets


9692 epcap

Episode: Masques
9692 costume

9692 gauntlets costume

Shawl collar Tunic

9695 Tunic

Episode: Labyrinths
9695 costume

Short, ridged vest
and fringed shirt

9697 vest

9697 ep cap

Episode: The Rest is Silence
9697 costume set


Short Leather Vest

9690 vest
9690 ep cap

Episode: Remember Love
9690 vest costume

Two Pocket Shirt

9701 shirt
9701 ep cap
Episode: Remember  Love
9701 costume

Young Vincent Jacket

9702 vest
9702 ep cap

Episode: Promises of Someday
9702 costume

Long Vest


9706 AHL
Episode: A Happy Life
9706 costume


Short Vertical Plaque Vest

9680 vest
9680 vest

Episode: Trial
9680 vest costume

Young Vincent Jacket

9699 jacket
9799 ep cap

Episode: Promises of Someday


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