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Item Description
keyring Item 611: Keyring
Category: Various
Description: Fan-made keyring offered for sale on eBay. Images are readily available studio shots.
Images provided by: Museum Project
cath Vin
Item 607: Key Ring
Category: Various
Description: Small (2.00 X 3.00 inch) keyring with fan-made photoshopped line images of Vincent and Catherine.
Images supplied by: Angie
2 cars
tunnels vincent

Item 639: B&B License Plates
Category: Various
Description: Two US vanity license plates, shown on two cars owned by Stu Shef in 1997 - "Vincent" (Maryland) and "Tunnels" (Virginia)
Images provided by: Stu
Item 827: Convention Bookmarks
Category: Various
Description: Laminated bookmarks - 1" X 7 1/2" (2.5 X 19cm) from B&B conventions.
Images supplied by: Museum Project
memorItem 828: Convention Memorabilia
Category: Various
Description: Keychain, pin and fridge magnet from 2012 B&B convention (Dallas, Tx)
Image supplied by: Museum Project
861Item 861: Fan Buttons
Category: Various
Description: Selection of buttons made as souvenirs and for B&B conventions.
Image provided by: Odile