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Ron read two Shakespearean Sonnets for fans
in April 2020. Watch them HERE


Dear Ron Perlman Fans ...

This site has been dedicated to honouring Ron Perlman's amazing career for over 20 years. Much has changed in that time, including the cost of hosting large amounts of data on the internet (it used to be free - really).

As a result, the administrator is making presentation revisions, to both preserve the mostly fan-generated, unique content, and improve its access. While this is being done, the main site will be offline (although some of it may be visited at the Internet Archive's, Wayback Machine).

We apologize for the inconvenience but hope to present our new site soon.

Announcements will be made on this page.

In the meantime, Ron's work in movies, TV and voice may be explored at the Internet Movie Database HERE

The Treasure Chambers features a celebration page from 2015 (Ron's 65th birthday) HERE.


This is an unofficial, non-profit, non-commercial website 
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No infringement of any copyright is intended. 

This site has no affiliation with Mr Perlman or with his management agency.

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Easy Street (the Hard Way): A Memoir
by Ron Perlman

This book is a 'must read' for all Perlman fans.

It's available in Kindle (ebook) edition,  hardcover, paperback and audio CD 
through Amazon.



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