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Join us in
The Treasure Chambers Chatroom


This chat room is available to all fans all year.

It uses the free, open source, Ajaz  software.

A login name is not mandatory. Those who wish to enter can do so as a guest, by just clicking on the Login button. A number will be assigned. It can be changed to an alias using the right hand  menu.

However, fans who wish to become registered users must send their chosen name and password to Angie at the email below. This will be entered into the chat database.
Should you forget your password, Angie will supply it upon request.



This chatroom is monitored.

Visitors are reminded that, like the Treasure Chambers, this is an all-season, all character, all possibilities B&B fan place.

Everyone is welcome to express their views
- as long as they do so politely and with consideration.

Intolerant or unfriendly behaviour will result in the perpetrator being barred from this chatroom - permanently.

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