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Cast and Crew

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Complete Cast and Crew Photo - January 30, 1990

Visit the 30th Anniversary page to see the work-in-progress of identifying the people in this photo.

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Vincent's Letters to Catherine

Episodes 1-8 only
Originally offered via 900 pay telephone call,
then added to VHS tapes of individual episodes.
Not included on DVDs
(although one DVD release used a different voice actor to read them!).

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Books & Media

Original Story - translated from French

Beauty and the Beast: Original version by  Madame de Villeneuve - 1740

Beauty and the Beast: Abridged and republished version by Marie LePrince de Beaumont - 1756

Beauty and the Beast: modernized and illustrated by Anonymous (from Project Gutenberg)

Beauty and the Beast - by Terri Windling
 - an essay on the legend and its many forms

The Velveteen Rabbit - by Margery Williams (excerpt featured in the 'Orphans' episode.)

Other classic, off-copyright books, poetry and plays referenced in the series may be downloaded free from:

Movie  - La Belle et la BÍte (French 1946)

Considered a classic adaptation of the Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont tale, this black and white 93 minute film, directed by Jean Cocteau, stars Jean Marais as the Beast (and Belle's suitor) and Josette Day as Belle/Beauty.

Much of the dialogue was taken directly from the original story.

A videotape of this film was apparently given to Ron Perlman to watch, as a guide to how he was to play Vincent.

Be sure to watch the Criterion Collection dvd. Criterion digitally remastered the film in 1997 and released it on dvd in 2002. The dvd includes a fascinating short documentary made in 1997 about the making of the film, with some of the original actors visiting the locations used in France. There's also an interesting short on how Criterion restored it from old film stock and audio files.

Link to information about the DVD (Amazon)

Classical Music

Some of the music used in various episodes (mp3)
 (see Literary and Musical References above for episode details)

Beethoven Piano Sonata #8 (Pathetique) ; Piano Sonata # 14 (Moonlight)
Chopin Prelude in E Minor
Grieg Piano Concerto in A Minor
Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A Major
Schubert Unfinished Symphony
Schumann Kinderscenen
Vivaldi Four Seasons (Summer) ;  

Articles and Essays


Remember Love

Use of Dylan Thomas poem "The Long-Legged Bait"

The text is difficult to read, even from a DVD ep capture, but once enlarged, it's possible to identify the poem. This is a very different reference to 'Fern Hill', the Dylan Thomas poem read at the beginning of the episode.

The title alone raises some questions about why it has such significance to Vincent that he was going to take it on the trip to Catherine's cottage.

The only other time we saw a rose used as a bookmark, was in the collection of Shakespeare's Sonnets he left Catherine at the end of 'Siege'. We could assume that anything so marked is of visceral importance to Vincent.


Read the excerpt seen above HERE

Read the complete poem HERE

 So what does it mean?

Why was this unusual reference not explained in the episode?

Zara offers her explanation HERE


(Excerpt from his book, 'Textual Poachers - Television Fans and Participatory Culture')

Used with permission of the author
Beauty and the Books - by Jeanette C. Smith (1990)

A Bond Stronger Than Friendship or Love - Female Psychological Development and "Beauty and the Beast"   by J.P Williams (1992)

Cable Girl Review (The Guardian) - Lucy Mangon 2009 

Statistics and Trivia

How often did Vincent save Catherine, or vice versa, and in what episodes? etc.

stats V  statsC
The rock where Vincent carved his name with Devin
(referenced in the 'Promises of Someday' episode),
changed when seen in later episodes


Catherine's Apartment Building


From the Pilot episode

The Langham - 135 Central Park West,
New York
From 'Siege' episode
langham LA

 The Langham - 715 Normandie Ave,
Los Angeles

Images from the Set of Beauty and the Beast

From 'To Reign in Hell'


Camera crew with Vincent

Vincent going home?

Ron Perlman (as Vincent) discussing a scene with director Thomas J Wright
rp set
Ron Perlman reading script on Season 3 set

For a pictorial look at some episode trivia