(tid'bit', tit'bit': n. choice morsel)

or for those who prefer the so-called 'official' term ....

(drabble: drab•ble drăb′əl:  a short work of fiction of precisely one hundred words in length.
To make or become wet and soiled by dragging.  Ragged and dirty people, collectively)

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Allison Angie Barbara
Cindy Janet Judith
Katrina Skippy
Mel Ulrike

Tidbit Treasures

During the 30th Anniversary all year OnCon (1997), a series of ilustrated "tidbit treasures" (or drabbles) was written around the premise that Catherine (or others) gave Vincent tiny, intriguing, 'fridge magnet' gifts.

The idea was embraced by the tunnel community and Vincent's collection grew.

These tidbits are posted with oldest at the top, so that any series within the series can be read in order.

Tidbit Treasures Series authors:




All stories are posted in .pdf format for easy reading and download

Preparing for Halloween Gifts

Arthur and the Stewpot Lid
The King The Queen The Bishop
 The Knight The Castle/Rook A Pawn
Janet  Rivenbark

Forbidden Voices - Secret


Shreds of a Life What to Do With Socks!?
She Runs to Me Idylls of the King Mask of Gold
30th Wish You Have No Idea ... Stolen Sound
There's That Tea You Like II Vincent's Lament All We Leave Unfinished
The Family Way There's That Tea You Like I'll Be Your Sentinel
Never After Always Best Midnight Visitor 1977
Rooftop Runners Over the Rainbow Time I Reach Out to You


Darkness That Night


Better Late Than Never Father's Day New Beginnings
Reflections of Vanity Kanin's Prison True Beauty
What Can I Say? My Guiding Star ThanksgivThe tiing


Is It Worth It More Secrets
What Did I Do?
The Black Book Asunder Justice? Revenge?
Othello's Lament What Is He Doing? Omen
30 Years of Dreaming BOOM Passage
Family for Funeral Father's Request Then and Now
Change Believe Never Over
Together Forever May I Present Friends
Sun, Moon, Stars Ethereal Rose Light Musing
Sunny Solution A Celtic Night Making Mary
On a Roll Razzle Dazzle Hole in the Ground
Leftover Treat Thank-You Edna Forbidden Voices - Cradle
Making Amends As Others Do Always
Two Solitudes The Right Place Last Rose
Long Game Powerful Words Father's Cane
Solstice Suprise Waiting Well Key
Fate Id Is Rising to the Occasion
Journey by Journal Pen Pal The Rest is Bed
Valentine Delight Aliens Among Us
Just Because Love in a Bowl Special Request
From the Heart Three Roses Love Bugs
King of Her World Something for Everyone
One Night Forever Penholder  Mod 2 Halloween Treat
New Year Dawn Whose Button?
Spring Love Happiness
Moon Musings No Seasons April Showers
Sharp Solace A Gift of Love Light
Kiss, Kiss Breakfast Cheer Winter Musings
Grande Finale Ten Memories Home
 Final Proof A New Day Place and Time
The Price of Love Salty and Sweet Love's Lens
Misconceptions  Words and Action  Safe Secret
 Perfect Fit  Fate's Irony  Point of View
 Spring Sky  Light and Shadow  Justice Revealed
 Passion Passed  Prescription Touch
 Two Realities  Natures  Naked Love
 Terminology  Lapin Vincent Unique
 Seasons of Night Darkness  World at Bay
The Promise  Always Best  Heart in Stones
Good Deed  Morning Energy  Parting
Earthshaking Beautiful Enigma
Whirlwind Wish  Heart's Hope Game and Match
An Occasion Fair Winds Jewels
Love of  Light Yule Spirit Yuletide Joy

Tidbit Treasures
by Angie

Memory to Reality
Solvang Chopin Puzzle
Dessert Gold Rush Blessings
Success Spicy Giving
Dissension Identification Too Good
Romantic Spring Treats Reminders
Exquisite Thank-you Time
Touched Together Alaska to Corfu
Egypt to Firenze Istanbul to London Greatest
Ireland to Montenegro Chestnuts Straight
Sunshine Tall Tale Skagen
Butterfly Simple Beauty Intrigued
Glass Surprise Architect


Whither Thou GoestMouse's Friend
Hope is the Thing with FeathersElliot's CuriosityCooking Lessons
Tamara's Turn Revenge Father's Memories
In the World Above Meanwhile, Below And then, Above
His Fingertip The Crystal Paracelsus and His Gold
Winged Victory The Book The Painting
Memories Say it Quick  Fiddlesticks!
A Matter of Perspective Bubble Bathing
To Be ... Elliot Blessed The Night ...
Freedom The Promise To Be ... Vincent
A Place in Time Dancing Lights While I Live
Nella Fantasia Nectar Kismet
Love and Hope The Game A Noble Steed
Father's Concern Mouse's Gift In The Mirror ...
Vincent and Mouse Devin and Vincent Catherine's Touch
Winterfest 2017 His Father Father and Vincent
Her Hand Memories Vincent and Catherine
His Beauty That Kiss In Spirit
Take My Breath Away Father's Day Jacob and John
You Tell Him Always Their Love
Another Beginning For Always I Do, I Do
My Son, Jacob Elliot Lost ... The Beginning
The Times Candlesticks ...Always
That Face The Mouse Dance Everything
Too Far Now Anniversary Show Time
 Take All of Me   The Conversation Goes On Elliot'sGirl
Tunnel Tidbits Love Tidbits  Valentine's Day
Yule Tidbits The First Time 6 Tidbits
Father's Proposal  Elliot's  Wish  Winslow's Temper
Chess Night Pizza Night  You Whispered My Name
Though Lovers Be Lost What Should Have Been 5 for Yule

Tidbit Treasures
by Judith

Beware A Gift Keats Knew
Tiny Perfect Tree Beware 2
Memento The Best Endless
The Wish Sauce Dreams
Growing Old Fate Found
Unafraid Sleepless The Heart
World Gift The Question

 A Breath Away  Eager Pupil
Etiquette  The Prison Break  Innocence
Love Survives Alchemy Vital Signs  Paying the Price
The Woman He Loves In the Wake of Beast Within  Hole in the Ground
 After the Sunless Sea  Night of All Nights Diana's Valentine
  Lapwing  Lottery Magic  Becherel
 Valentine's Day Finland Saint Guenole Egg Roll
Ambiguous Concepts Pointe du Raz  Bleeding Heart
 Dear ...  Unbelievable, but true Cussing the Inanimate
 Saint Malo Breathtaking  First Day of Spring
Consciousness Consequences Nightmare's End 
February 14, 1950 Birthday Gift The First Welcome


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