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All dolls, statuettes, rugs and other crafts (except cross stitch) are made with "found" and repurposed items found in thrift stores


white   vin pillow roseVincent Pillow

Full-sized (6'2") soft pillow made from cotton muslin, with soft clothing and yarn hair. His pouch is suede with a rose made from half a long zipper.

stockingSoft Dolls

Vincent and Catherine soft body dolls made in December 2015 to celebrate Yule2015//NewYear 2016. Made from stuffed and "sculpted" nylon pantihose. Vincent is 18" (46cm) tall and Catherine is 14" (36cm) tall.
actionWinterfest Couple

Vincent and Catherine dolls made in December 2015 from second-hand, jointed male and female World Wrestling Federation (WWF) action figures. Vincent is 8" (20 cm) tall and Catherine is 7" (18 cm) tall. They are dressed in Winterfest costumes.
v dolls Vincent & Catherine Dolls

Dolls made for Valentine's Day 2015. Vincent measures 4" (10 cm) and Catherine 3 1/2 " (9 cm). Catherine's body is porcelain with a polymer clay face, and Vincent's body is part porcelain/polymer clay, and part plastic.
nsync vin 1 vin 2Two Vincents

Dolls made from  Jas Chasez, N'Sync puppets. They stand 9 1/2" (24cm) tall. Costumes are based on episode clothing.
V fobs
Vincent Key Ring Fobs

These dolls were made using the "voodoo doll" method. The one on the left was made with fancy variegated 'tickertape' yarn. The right was made with white string, embellished with yarn hair, round pin eyes, and pipe cleaner clothing. 
The World Below, latch hook rug
- designed and made by Angie

wb rug click on image to see full-sized version

The rug measures 26" X 50" (55 cm X 127 cm)
or 89w X 143h count

It used over 50 colours of rug yarn and took about six month to complete.
The pattern was adapted by Angie from her World Below cross stitch pattern.

This pattern is a tribute to matte artist Syd Dutton and the B&B set designers

Everything used in this project - the canvas, yarn, latch hooks, the pole - was bought from thrift stores.

It took many years to collect enough yarn, and it is of many different weights and types, from bulky Persian wool to thin synthetic. Where a specific colour was missing, yarn was cut to size doubled, if neceddary to fill the space.

The blank canvas was turned lengthwise for this pattern.

Latch hook rugs are now virtually a dead art. Few outlets still sell kits, and those which exist seem to be aimed at children. It is impossible to buy the yarn colours separately, or pieces of blank canvas.

Thrift stores are still good places to find kits, some partly-finished, and assortments of cut rug yarn and canvas.

The images represented on the rug, from top left, are ...

First row: Culvert, Threshold, Drainage Tunnel
Second Row: Tunnel, Spiral Metal Stairs, Bridge over Abyss
Third Row: Long Stair, Waterfall, Mirror Pool Chimney, Stone Spiral Stairs
Fourth Row:  Nameless River, Chamber of the Winds
v walking bookmark
Vincent Walking bookmark
  (4in/10 cm tall) - from pattern in the Cross Stitch Chamber
hard bodied dolls About hard-bodied dolls (.pdf)

soft dolls About soft-bodied dolls  (.pdf)

before after 2 after 1
2 before 2 after 2 bk
At Last ... and after "At Last"

Small, very crude, bisque holloware, ceramic statuettes of unknown origin (far left), remodelled into Vincent & Catherine poses by Angie. Top statuette is about 4 3/4" (11.5 cm tall), and bottom about 5 1/4" (13.5 cm) tall. Both statuettes were found in a single thrift store a week apart.

valets before after final Miniature Costume Valets

Two decorative valets found in thrift stores are converted into Vincent and Catherine valets, wearing festive costumes created by by Angie. Far left is original tailor forms, middle is after carving and painting. The Catherine stands about 6" (30 cm) tall and the Vincent about 7" (33 cm).

V hourglass #0926 Vincent Hourglass Cross Stitch

This pattern has recently been completed by Angie. It measures 6 3/4" wide and  6 1/4" high and used 60 colours. The image was adapted from a scene in the B&B episode "The Hollow Men", where Vincent is watching the sand fall through an hourglass before going above.

The pattern, with many others, may be purchased at a minimal charge from The Galactic Gallery website.
ty doll fairy doll
v&c back v & c soft
Soft-bodied Vincent and Catherine dolls

Made from dolls found in a thrift store.

Top left is the 
Ty doll which became Vincent (scalp was replaced with that of another Ty doll with golden hair colour). The Ty doll has feet (most have only stuffed footwear) so I was able to make him boots.

Top right is the 'fairy' doll, which became Catherine after considerable modifications (hair, reforming legs and arms, shortening feet,  inserting wire frame so that it would stand up, embroidering facial features).

Vincent is wearing an iconic costume, while Catherine is wearing one similar to the tunnel jacket and dress in Orphans, including a tiny quartz crystal necklace.
Vincent is about 8" tall (20 cm) and Catherine 7" (18cm).
VC fused bead Monochrome silhouette of Vincent and Catherine made from black, grey and white fused pixel beads (12 to the inch) by Angie. Measures approximately 4 1/2" (11 cm) x 2 1/4" (5.5 cm)
Vin bookmark
Vincent on white Ribband
cat bmk
Catherine on
white Ribband
Father bmk
Father on
antique white banding
mary bmk
Mary on
 cream banding
Mouse bmk
Mouse on
cream banding
pascal bmk
Pascal on
cream banding
paracelsus bmk
Paracelsus on
cream banding
Narcissa on
cream banding
These Tunnel People bookmarks were embroidered by Angie from patterns she designed. The patterns are free to download in the Cross Stitch Chamber.

Patterns can be personalized by using colours other than the DMC ones suggested, or other name brand flosses. Non-DMC floss was used in all the bookmarks shown here, although colours are similar (I have a lot of "other" floss to use up).

Ribband (no longer available) or Aida banding was used. 1 1/2" wide ribbon was sewn onto the back to hide the stitching.

Chan Vincent Lynn Vincent Two fused Hama pixel bead pictures in tribute to two B&B artists - (l) Sandy Chandler  (Chan), and the newest one (r), Lynn Wright.

Both images were derived from drawings.
They measure about 3" X 4" (7.5cm X 10 cm).
There are  10 pixel beads to an inch ( 4 to a cm).

Vinnie snow 11 inch Vincent doll, in winter costume, standing in snow (we had 6 inches of the white stuff on December 16, 2012)
Xmas dolls Tiny Vincent and Catherine dolls (used on the 2012 Xmas e-card). The dolls are standing in a hand-made wreath made from pom pom trim.
Vincent is 4 1/2 inches (11.5 cm) tall, and Catherine 4 inches (10 cm).

shadow sieve

Vincent Sieve & Shadow

A common kitchen wire sieve formed into Vincent's face - smiling. (I can't take credit for the idea. Spanish artist Isaac Cordal has been creating sieve faces and leaving them stuck into the ground next to concrete pathways in London, England. I found the link on Twitter and had to try it .

Here's the site that shows some of Cordal's work:

The sieve I used is 6" (15cm) across and cost $1.50. The face is formed by slowly and carefully prodding the wire mesh with finger tips - and does need a bit of practice. Fine tuning was done with a knitting pick. 

The image to the far left is the shadow of the sieve. Very bright sunlight is needed to see the shadow clearly. Click on the dark sieve image on the right to see an enlarged version of the reformed sieve. The face is at a slight angle because the grid has to be aligned correctly.
Amigurumi Amigurumi Tunnel People

Tiny, crocheted 4 inch (10 cm) amigurumi (stuffed) dolls. Top row (l-r), Samantha, Pascal, Mouse (Arthur in front), William, Narcissa. Bottom row (l-r) Father, Vincent, Catherine, Mary.
v gargoyle
Vincent Statue

This seated figure (2 1/2" tall) began life as a mass-produced "stone" gargoyle and was extensively carved, then remodeled with hot glue before being painted. (other views may be seen in the Museum under Statues & Dolls)
ModelBefore  ModelAfter frontbackModelFinished 10" Vincent Model

This was created from a genuine, Republic-issued, six-piece unassembled resin model. The face and arms and rear end were carved to make them more true-to-life, and to allow for a replica fabric cloak (the original was a two-piece plastic molding, shown in top left image).

Model in its original state is seen in the pictures at the top left. The top right is the model, as it looked after carving, before assembly and painting. The lower left pictures are of the finished model, painted i
n the colours of its Season 3 costume. The lower right is the model, wearing its fabric cloak.
EGreeting1 ENewYear 2011Ecard Vinnie E-Cards

Christmas and New Year e-cards featuring a hand-made Vinnie doll
Rag doll Vinnie A recent Vinnie adapted from a Ty stuffed doll (about 11" tall)

The face on the original doll was replaced with that from a baby Ty-type doll and tied with thread to produce the cheeks and other Vincent features
Mini Pouch Hand-made mini leather pouch with small ivory rose and quartz crystal (quarter coin to the right for scale).
Portrait Dolls First attempt at making two dolls in costumes resembling the Olivia/Gentian portait - but in a slightly different pose

Vincent is a GI Joe doll with a re-modelled acrylic clay face and hair from a Ty doll. Catherine is a jointed doll of uncertain manufacture and Ty doll hair..
Tunnel Vest
Adult Tunnel-type vest
Made from pieces of old leather purses glued to a cotton vest then whip-stitched together, with assorted decorative accents.
VincentsChamber1 My first Vincent doll and his Chamber ( 2009)
A shadow box with a small 6" doll
Vincents Chamber 2 Vincent's Chamber #2
One of my 12 inch Vincent dolls in a bigger Chamber
( 2010)

B&B Fan Displays & Collections  ... Angie ... Kathy ... Stu ... Peggy

dolls etcAngie 1
 Vinnie Doll Collectionfused beads etc
 WFOL cross stitchWFOL cross stitch wfol 2012
B&B collectibles, books, zines, dolls and related scale items in a bookcase

Cross-stitch pictures and Plaque Wall
All patterns are available at

Vinnie doll collection
The larger dolls are 12 " GI Joes, or similarly jointed male action dolls. The tiny one in the centre front is a Van Helsing jointed doll. Little Vinnie is a brittle plastic jointed doll.

Fused bead pictures, made from Hama pixel beads
Note on scale: the squares on the cork board are 4" (10 cm) square. Each image required hundreds of beads.

WFOL cross stitch pictures  - 2009 - 2012
(patterns may be downloaded on the Other Wonders page)


Kathy1 posters 2 art wall 2cabinet art wall 1 Posters, pictures, prints

Cabinet with collectible items

Some of the artwork on display
cabinet 1 Artwork and collectibles on a shelf and in a curio cabinet
Stu 1 poster boards The Beast Room, with over 100 show costumes and other memorabilia items

Collection of artworks, photographs and prints mounted in a multi-panel poster display.

Other Finds
lionman fr lion man sekhmet Lion Man: Seated figure carved from an unknown hardwood about 8" tall. Origin is unknown, but may be off Egyptian origin, probably made for the tourist trade. It mimics ancient seated statuary figures, such as Sekhmet, the lion-headed goddess (shown).
CL  Mattel Cowardly Lion costumed doll from The Wizard of Oz. The costume includes a head and is designed to fit a 12" doll body. A GI Joe doll body is used here, to allow posing.

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