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Nim Nim orig P.S Nim Comic panel

(from B&B Lite, by 'Sue D Nim' - 1989)

Translated into German and coloured by Kytheira
Lion Rock, Hong Kong

Located in the New Territories, this granite outcropping is 495 metres (1,624 feet) high.

Lion Rock is famous for its shape and is visible from many places in the southern part of the Hong Kong mainland. A trail wends its way up the forested hillside to the top, culminating atop the lion's head. 

The view at the bottom bears a striking resemblance to someone we know  ...


Vincent Nebula?

Some years ago, a sharp-eyed fan found this image of a nebula. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see our favourite character in it (click to see a larger version).

driftwood Driftwood Vincent?!

This face appeared on a stump washed ashore on Vancouver Island. It has gained some notoriety as an interesting face. But to B&B fans, it bears an uncanny resemblance to a favourite character. This photo is untouched.
When the owner, a local photographer, had an art show, she included this image as a photo painting. The gallery curator didn't believe it was real, so the owner hauled the heavy stump into the gallery to prove it. This image is scanned from an art card.
between the lions Between the Lions

For those fans who collect lions, this one was a gift during a PBS promotion in 1999 to encourage children to read. There was a series of these stuffed toys (the others being 2 young lions and a lioness), but this one reminded me of our favourite man. He's 7 inches (18 cm) tall and holds a laminated bookmark. Found in a thrift store.

Just think how much more engaged children would have been if Vincent had read them stories!

pipelines Pipelines

This B&B fan newsletter which began in 1988, now has it's own blog. Many of the original articles are now posted HERE

Video Review by Obscurus Lupa (19 August 2012)

Interesting, perceptive, often funny, and very professionally done review with voice-over commentary of dozens of clips from the series.
Click on image to visit the video page. It's fairly long (26:53) - but worth the time.

Note: The reviewer described the overall series plot progression as "disjointed". She probably watched it in airing/dvd order, rather than production order. Down load the comparison Episode Chronology HERE

- Our Vincent isn't the only "lion" man, and in fact one of them is 32,000 years old. Read about it here
Angie recently found a lion man in a thrift store. Take a look at it here


A young New York man has become fascinated with the tunnel and sewer network beneath the city. He has found obscure manholes and gone down them to start exploring. Visit his site and look at what he's found
The site also has links to other places where tunnel pics and information can be found.

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