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mini vinnie
Item 405: Tiny Vincent Doll
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Fan made tiny Vincent with cloak. Adapted from a Jakks Van Helsing jointed doll. About 4 1/2 inches tall.
Image provided by: Angie
VC bears Item 456: V & C Teddy Bears
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Vincent is a brown teddy bear approx. 4" tall and is wearing a Winterfest costume made of lace and felt, with embroidery thread for hair. Catherine is a white teddy bear about 3" tall and wearing a lace dress and a crystal necklace. She has doll hair with a red rose in it. Fan made 4 to 5 years ago. Debbie explains: "BatB was on around Valentines day on the SciFi channel and I fell in love with the show all over again".
Image provided by: Debbie
 dolls before Beast pair finished close Item 459: Vincent doll
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Vincent doll adapted from a 12" Mattel Beauty and the Beast (animated movie) doll. He is a typical Barbie/Ken-type doll, without joints -  only the arms and legs move.  Artist (Laurie Everton) repainted the face and cut his hair. She also did a female beast doll using the Belle doll. Dolls won 2nd place prize at a contest - in the Fractured Fairy Tales section. Won on eBay.
Images supplied by: Kathy
doll bak doll front Item 465: Vincent Doll
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Hand made Vincent doll with hair placed by artist, Judy Hintz. Stands roughly about 12 to 14 inches high. He has a soft body over a wire-frame. The face and hands are made of clay. Only two were made, the other was made for, and mailed to, Ron Perman.
Images supplied by: Kathy
doll back doll front close up
card front card inside
Item 466: Vincent Doll
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: One of a kind, 21 inch, hand-made polymer clay collector doll statuette on wood base with plaque. Made by Mary Penet. Artist made clothing and used dyed mohair for hair. Includes picture of "Kathryn" (sic). Won on eBay for $99.
Images supplied by: Kathy

Item 475: Tunnel Family Dolls
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Small soft-bodied dolls, stiffened with internal wire, made by Angie. Doll bodies crocheted using tiny gauge hook and punch-needle or sock yarn. Costumes are knit or sewn. Adapted from doll body Amigurumi patterns found online. In cabinet, top shelf: Mary, Pascal, William, Mouse, Arthur (front). Bottom shelf: Narcissa, Catherine, Vincent, Father, Samantha (front). Small images (first row) Catherine, Vincent; Mary, Father, Samanth. Small images (bottom): Mouse, Arthur, Narcissa; William, Pascal. All are 3"- 4" (8-10cm) in height.
Images supplied by: Angie
V doll 1 V hands
V face signature doll clothes
Item 482: Vincent Doll
Category: Statues & Dolls
Description: Hand-crafted, three foot tall Vincent doll sculptured on a breast plate from poured resin. He has a muslin body dressed in three layers of cotton clothing, the outer trimmed with leather. His hair is wool. Feet are unfinished with no footwear. Believed to have been made for a doll show. Dated 1994 and signed by the artist. Found in a thrift store in Sacramento, CA.
Images supplied by: Betty
doll dig doll 2 doll 3
doll 4 doll 5
Item 537: Vincent Doll
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Soft-bodied Vincent doll about 11" (28 cm) tall, with a painted face. He is wearing a Masques-type costume of a frilly white shirt, velour pants, boots, gloves and a cloak. Made by Pam Tuck.
Images supplied by: Kathy
dolls front dolls back Item 568: Vincent and Catherine Dolls
Category: Dolls
Description: Two fan-made, soft-bodied dolls with painted faces, in costumes. The Vincent doll is 7" tall and 2" wide and the Catherine doll about 6 1/2" tall and 2" wide. On the inside of Catherine's leg is the number 2 of 45 and the name of the artist (unreadable).
Images provided by: Kathy