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Item Description
Jewelry2 Jewelry Item 56: Crystal necklaces by Elisa Kitt
Category: Jewelry
Description: Quartz crystal necklace and jade and bead necklace designed by Elisa Kitt.
Images provided by: Elisa Kitt
Item 68: Gallo Pewter Pieces
Category: Jewelry
Description: Republic licensed pewter Vincent head jewelry, front and back views. Three necklace pendants - one with jewel hanging below, one with jewel above forehead, one unadorned. String tie, keychain.
Images provided by: JoAnn
TieTac Item 96: Vincent Tie Tack
Category: Jewelry
Description: Gallo pewter Vincent bust tie tack with gold "jewel" in centre of breast.
Image provided by: Peggy
Crystal Boxed Item 162: Replica Crystal Necklace
Category: Jewelry
Description: Replica Catherine quartz crystal necklace made by Tamara, who also crafted the original worn in the series.
Image provided by: Laura
Inside2 Inside1 Inside3  Pendant Item 209: Miniature Book Pendant
Category: Jewelry
Description: Tiny B&B book pendant with three inside pages containing images and key words. Made by artist Sandy Tew
Images provided by: Sandy
Rose Item 213: Rose and Pouch
Category: Jewelry
Description: Ceramic rose and leather pouch made by Darlene Wooten. The rose is 2 1/2 " by 2 1/2", of polymer clay with a pouch and leather thong. Made as keepsakes and to raise money for B&B events.
Image provided by: Becca
Bracelet Item 217: B&B Bracelet
Category: Jewelry
Description: Charm bracelet with beads and small plaques of Vincent and Catherine. Made by artist Sandy Tew.
Image provided by: Sandy
PendantBack Item 280: Vincent Pendant
Category: Jewelry
Description: Round, limited edition, engraved pewter "A Better Dream" necklace pendant with Vincent head and candle.
Images provided by: Lynette