Plaques - 2

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Item Description
magnet Item 467: Vincent Magnet
Category: Plaques
Description: Hand-painted portrait of Vincent on wood, made by Lynn Owen in 1990. It measures 2" x 1 1/2". There were only 4 of these made. This one, signed by the artist, is #4. Won on eBay.
Image supplied by: Kathy
Scraps card Item 470: Vincent Cloak Scraps Card
Category: Plaques
Description: Souvenir 4" X 6" image of Vincent with genuine pieces of leather and fabric (from scraps and remnants) used in the making of Vincent's cloak for the series. Limited edition produced by Peggy Garvin for the New Orleans B&B convention of 2011.
Image provided by: Kathy
plaque back Plq fr Item 490: Vincent Plaque
Category: Plaques
Description: Studio photograph of Vincent mounted on a plaque and signed by Ron Perlman. Measures 11" x 14" and was bought from Martin Enterprises.
Images supplied by: Kathy
ellen geer Item 494: Ellen Geer Picture
Category: Plaques
Description: Small framed photograph of Ellen Geer as Mary with autograph, mounted in a wooden frame.
Image supplied by: Kathy
RD plaque Item 496: Roy Dotrice collectibles
Category: Plaques
Description: Frames 8" X 10" black and white image of Roy Dotrice wearing costume from Pilot episode, with autograph addressed to fan. Separate letter (8" X 5") to the same fan. Both won on eBay.
suncatch Item 596: Suncatcher
Category: Plaques
Description: Fan-made Vincent's Window sun catcher measuring 14" x 7.5". Won on eBay.
Image supplied by: Kathy
650 cert 650 plq
Item 650: Souvenir Plaque
Category: Plaques
Description: Professional assembly of Season 1 studio publicity photo of Catherine and Vincent, signatures of Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman, date of series first broadcast, and with a certificate authenticating signatures on the back. Plaque measures approximately 16" x 20". Bought in 1995.
Images provided by: Stu

glass frame
Item 653: Glass Photo Frame
Category: Plaques
Description: Clear glass picture frame with a heart-shaped opening and embossed rose design. Roses painted using paint from a children's suncatcher kit. Photo is an image of Angie's "Masques" cross stitch pattern. The frame measures about 6"  X  5" (15 X 12.3 cm).
Image supplied by: Angie