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 32564 1 Item 564: Clippings
Category: Press
Description: Press clippings exploring the phenomenon of B&B and Vincent as a sex symbol. All appear to be from the first season airing period (1988).The photocopied one is dated January 1988.
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Item 565: Articles
Category: Press
Description: Two clipping exploring the meaning of "Beauty" and the depth of feeling created by the series - one by Sue Martin, and two photocopied letters to the editor commenting on the Sue Martin article (June 1988).
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Item 566: Press clipping
Category: Press
Description: Staged set photo of "Young Vincent" with a promo cutline for the Season One episode "Promises of Someday", first aired in February 1988.
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Item 571: Newspaper Ads
Category: Press
Description: CBS and generic newspaper ads for individual B&B episodes: Season 1 - Pilot, Masques, The Beast Within, Nor Iron Bars, Song of Orpheus, Temptation, Promises of Someday; Season 2 - Ashes Ashes, Ceremony of Innocence.
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Item 572: Newspaper Ads
Category: Press
Description: Newspaper ads for the series, some for re-run or syndication runs on specialty channels.
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573a novel ad
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Item 573: Book Ads
Category: Press
Description: Four advertisements for B&B books - three for the Wendy Pini "illustrated novels" (1989/90), and one for "Lost Yesterdays - Impossible Tomorrows" (1993) by Kim Prosser and Lisa Swope.
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tvg Item 574: TV Guide article
Category: Press
Description: TV Guide Article "Insider" article with a short piece by Jane Marion and images of Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. This appeared in the September 19, 1987 edition, a few days before the pilot episode first aired.
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ad 1 ad 2 Item 575: Video promotion
Category: Press
Description: Videotape release ads for several Series One episodes.
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ad 1 ad 2 ad 3 Item 576: Comic Ads
Category: Press
Description: Three promotional ads for the launch of the Innovation comic series in 1993, which produced six issues "for readers of all ages". Three issues covered the pilot episode and two "Siege".The sixth issue was "Masques" and the episode was not completed.
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Item 580: MAD magazine
Category: Press
Description: UK edition of MAD magazine issue #319 (November 1988), featuring a spoof of the series. Running joke implies Vincent has canine (rather than feline) characteristics. In a bit of irony, the last frame introduces ALF (from the series of the same name), which competed in the same Friday time slot as Beauty and the Beast.
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