Statuettes - 2

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Item Description
Elliot Item 201: Elliot Sculpture
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Model of Elliot Burch sitting on a rock by artist Clare Sieffert.
Image provided by: Clare
Back PaintedResin Close Item 308: Vincent Figurine
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Painted resin Vincent figurine, approx. 9 1/2 inches tall, molded and painted by Pam Murray, who also designed the B&B Gallo pewter items displayed in the Treasure Chambers.
Images provided by: Peggy
guttke1 3 Item 332: Vincent Statuette
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Vincent statuette in brass, made by artist Robert John Guttke, who was also co-writer of the B&B episode "When the Bluebird Sings" (1989). Vincent melds into a three pronged triangular base, with his right leg raised, and is holding a book in his left hand and a removeable rose in his right. The 20" statuette was a draw prize at TunnelCon II, held in Las Vegas in June 1992. 
Images provided by: Peggy, Museum Project
PewterVincent Close Item 350: Vincent statuette
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Very detailed Gallo Pewter statuette of Vincent holding a book, 4-7/8" tall on a 1.5" tall wooden base and a pewter plaque which reads "Limited". One of the last pieces produced by Gallo. Inscribed on back of pewter base: "Copyright  1990 Republic Pictures, Gallo Pewter, M. Cusanelli."
Images provided by: Peggy
ModelHeadCloakModel pieces Item 377: Vincent Model
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Assembled and reworked Republic (1990) resin 9 1/2 inch (24 cm) Vincent model (pieces shown) standing on rock base. "Cloak" arms converted to costume sweater, face revised, and replica cloak added (original plastic cloak parts not used).
Images provided by: Angie
Pawns Item 343: Pewter Children Pawns
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Gallo Pewter pawns of B&B chess set in the form of children, in natural pewter and brass-coloured (for white and black sides). About 1 5/8 inches tall. Sold as part of a set and separately.
Image provided by: Peggy
gargoyle orig Vin gar front vin gar side vin gar back Item 489: Vincent Stone Figurine
Category: Statues & Dolls
Description: Cement, mass-produced gargoyle image (as shown at left) adapted into seated figure of Vincent via carving, sanding, hot glue, and paint. Measures approx. 2" w X 2.25" h X 2.4" d.
Images supplied by: Angie
statue 1 statue 2 base Item 597: Convention Statue
Category: Statues and Dolls
Description: Small B&B statue of Vincent and Catherine hugging by Sandra Shelton, dated July 2001. Used as decoration at the B&B convention in New York that year. Made of a poured material similar to cement and unpainted. Won on ebay. Base is chipped.
Images supplied by: Kathy
V bust Item 633: Vincent Bust
Category: Statues & Dolls
Description: Small head and shoulders bust of Vincent 2 1/2 inch (6.5 cm) high (including plinth and base). Made using the head of a Star Trek action doll, re-modelled with polymer clay. Penny shows scale.
Image provided by: Angie
v bk v frItem 747: Vincent Figurine
Category: Statuettes
Description: Very tiny (1.5" - 4cm), detailed, pewter Vincent holding his cloak in his right hand and a rose in his left. Made by Daltec Inc. (now Sunglo Designs Inc. of Chicago, Illinois), which specializes in fantasy collectibles.
Images provided by: Museum Project