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Stories where real people, or popular characters known to readers and TV watchers, meet B&B characters.


A City of Angels  (Alien Nation)
Blake and the Beast
Friends in Low Places  (The Equalizer)
The Worst of Time, the Beast of Times
(Quantum Leap)
Who Ya Gonna Call?


The Song Never Ends  (Freddie Mercury)
Two Solitudes  (Macgyver)
Margaret Basta

McCall of the Wilde (The Equalizer}

The Stainless Steele Tunnel Brat
(Remington Steele)
Catherine Edwards

Chivalry's Not Dead (Star Trek)
Choices (Star Trek Enterprise)

Terri Librande

Echoes of the Future (Quantum Leap)
Linda Mooney

The Beast of Notre Dame
(Hunchback of Notre Dame)

The Lion and the Hawk (Ladyhawke)

Judith Nolan

When the Walls Become Thin
(Phantom of the Opera)
When Anything is Possible
(The Ghost and Mrs Muir)
A Walk in the Dark  (David Bowie)
A Little Night Music  (Phantom of the Opera)

Fraser Sherman

Dreams at Odds (Fantasy Island)
Pam Smith

How Vincent Came to Sherwood Forest
(Robin Hood)
South of Oz

What is Real (Hellboy)
Michaela Buzsaki Struchova

The Music of the Heart (Phantom of the Opera)
Linda (LC) Wells

Heart of Dixie   (Wiseguys)
Stuck in the Middle  (The Equalizer)



Alternate universes with characters we recognize, inside or outside the tunnels. 
Science fiction/fantasy; history, adventure, legends and myths retold, beyond SND (she's not dead)

Barbara Anderson


Too Deep for TearsHeart's Home
Predestination (ADULT)
Christmas Fantasy (ADULT)
Love's Legacy (ADULT)
Another Dream
Clearly Fantasy (ADULT)

All in the Family (ADULT)
Heart's Home
Sweet Love Remembered
Despair and Hope
Nan Dibble

The Tower and the Rose
Dustbowl Cafe (ADULT)
Allison Duggins

The Hour of the Wolf
Sue Glasgow

The Storyteller
Judy Keller

Destiny in Time

CJ LaBelle

Catherine the Chandler
M. Louis

Beauty and the Beast (ADULT)
A Darkness on the Edge (ADULT)

PS Nim

Dreams of Long Ago
Pat Paone

Dimensions in Time
Cindy Rae

The Immortal Lovers
Star Crossed
The Arc of the Shah (part 1-5) (ADULT)
Lost in the Tapestry

I Beast  (ADULT)

Sharon Reynolds

Beauty and the Beast Revisited
Janet Rivenbark

Once Upon Another Time


Dragon Red Dragon Blue (ADULT)
Sandy P Shelton

Vincent and Catherine's Excellent Adventure

Lynn Wright

Journeys (ADULT)


Stories with similarities to B&B, inspired by it, or the actors who starred in it, but with no common characters


Dancing with Angels - Phantom of the Opera
Vickey Brickle-Macky

Atanzi (ADULT)
Flint and Feather

Miles to Go Before I Sleep (ADULT)

Lynn Wright

A Night Full of Stars (ADULT)
The Connor /Johner Saga 


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